1) 25 year old female , suffering from progressive alopecia areata since 1 year.She is also hypothyroid.
2) Treated with oral steroid pulse therapy ( saturday and sunday only), for few months and on oral immunosuppressant azathiprine daily for few months.Topical minoxidil 5%, topical tacrolimus and hair supplements also given.
Response was very slow with the above, and QR678 was added after about 3 months of starting oral steroids and the results are impressive.
3) Finished 12 sessions of QR678 till date and is currently on once in 3 months QR678 session, and is completely off steroids and immunospuppressants. Continung only on topical minoxidil and 3 monthly QR678 sessions. 
Best Alopecia Areata Treatment, Cost in Mumbai, India