Hair loss or hair fall are the two most dreaded words that are almost a horror story that nobody wants to ever live through. Be it a man or a woman, most people suffer from hair loss and often get stuck the look of treatments claiming to be the best hair fall treatment in Chennai or best hair loss treatment in Chennai but nothing works. Only the best trichologist can do a correct diagnosis of the cause of hair fall and tell you whether the hair fall is normal or abnormal. It is actually not possible to count the 100 normal strands every day and hair fall always seems alarming to the human mind.

The hair is our pride and joy, it is an integral part of our identity and appearance and reflects our style in more than one way than one. Therefore, it is necessary that you visit the best hair clinic in Chennai to control the crippling problem of hair fall that you have been facing. Hair loss or hair thinning can happen at an age. In some people it is a gradual process often attributed to ageing and in some it is like hair today and gone tomorrow .

Top doctor for hair treatment in Chennai can answer the plaguing question of how to control hair fall and what can you do to make your hair grow naturally. Hair loss treatment in Chennai is your go to solution when the tried and tested home remedies have not been able to get you the much-needed relief. Most people shy away from hair fall control treatments because they worry about the best hair treatment cost in Chennai. But worry not our top trichologist at The Esthetic Clinics, Chennai will give you the best and most effective solution for hair fall and hair regrowth.

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Types and causes of hair fall, loss and thinning

Before you get into the cycle of trying this and that or mindlessly changing hair oils and medications lets take a look at some of the top causes of hair fall listed by best hair specialist in Chennai

Stress: Sometimes undue pressure of our everyday life and disrupted routines can cause a trigger of hair fall. It is also one of the biggest reasons of hair fall. It is not a permanent problem but the solution is more effective when the treatment begins early.

Styling: We love the celebrity like hair styles but regular use of flat irons, curling tongs, blow dryers etc. can cause permanent hair damage leading to hair thinning.

Diet: the second most common cause of hair loss is the lack of protein in the daily diet. Deficiency of iron and vitamin B in the food leads to lack of nourishment to the hair roots. This cause them to weaken and hair tends to fall.

Aging: As we age our cells also become old and reduced hair growth is a result of getting older. The hair cell regeneration becomes slow the catagen phase of hair growth becomes longer.

Medications: Certain medications can also cause temporary hair fall. Talk to your doctor about the side effects of the medications that he is taking.

Unhealthy scalp: The scalp is the birthplace of the hair. Sweat, dirt, oil can clog the hair follicles and cause hair fall. Simple hair fall remedies can clean the scalp and lead to healthy hair growth.

When dealing with hair fall it is advisable to opt for the best hair fall treatment in Chennai and it is quintessential to have a specific treatment targeting the cause and type of hair fall. The most common types of hair fall that can be treated at the best hair fall treatment clinic in Chennai are:

Alopecia areata which is caused because of inflammation of scalp and leads to hair loss in circular patches.

Traction alopecia is caused because of tight hair styles which cause pressure at the hair follicles.

Trichotillomania is also an immune disorder in which the sufferer tends to pull his or her hair involuntarily.

Tinea capitis is causes because of fungal infections in the scalp and is very common in children

Secondary syphilis

Telogen effluvium cause hair loss from the frontal portion of the scalp. This condition is often triggered by sudden changes or stress in life because of illness, pregnancy etc.

Anagen effluvium results from injury to the hair follicles and disrupts the growth phase of hair cycle.

Androgenetic alopecia is a hair loss that is hereditary and affects both men and women.

Cicatricial alopecia cause scars in the follicles that cannot be repaired and is caused because of inflammation in the stem cells.

Every cause of hair fall needs different type of treatment and best hair fall treatment in Chennai begins with some basic blood tests and a scalp biopsy and other tests to know the health of the scalp and the best treatments that will work.

Best hair treatment in Chennai at

The Esthetic Clinics

The Esthetic Clinics, Chennai is the best place to go for best hair loss treatments, hair regrowth treatments, skin care treatments, body contouring procedures in Chennai. The birthplace of the pathbreaking QR678 hair fall treatment, The Esthetic Clinics is the best-known hair treatment clinic in India. As one of the best hair fall treatment clinics in Chennai, The Esthetic Clinics offers many holistic treatment options that can be customized according to the cause and type of hair fall that the patient is suffering from.

To help you get rid of the hair fall problem and stimulate new hair growth the top hair growth treatment in Chennai includes the following surgical and non-surgical treatment options for men, women and children:

5AR inhibitors Medications: These medications are used to control mid to low hair loss. This type of hair loss treatment in Chennai uses the following options

Finasteride: This is an FDA approved 5AR inhibitor that is used for men suffering from androgenetic alopecia. This medication is used by best trichologist in Chennai for improved hair growth. This works by preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT. It takes about three months to see the results of this oral medication for hair regrowth. Not suitable for pregnant women or women in childbearing age.
Dutasteride also works like finasteride and is known to improve the hair count and hair width for hair restoration. This medication should be continued over a period of time to see sustained results. This is also used at best hair fall clinics in Chennai as a part of hair mesotherapy treatments.
Minoxidil: This can be bought over the counter easily and is an FDA approved treatment by androgenetic alopecia. This is available in the form of foam and solutions in 2% and 5% concentrations. Minoxidil is used as a hair growth treatment in Chennai and it needs sustained used to maintain the results.

Spironolactone, Ketoconazole Shampoo and Contraceptives: These are used to reduce scalp inflammation and are especially beneficial for women suffering from AGA.

Medications are effective hair fall treatment in Chennai and it is best to consult the best trichologist in Chennai to understand the advantages and disadvantage of each medication and whether they are suitable for your problem of hair thinning. The best hair fall treatment cost in Chennai using various medications is about thousand rupees a month.

Low level laser therapy: This type of non-invasive hair fall treatment is used for the treatment of different types of hair fall. Best hair doctor in Chennai uses this hair regrowth treatment along with combination of medications to give faster results. The laser therapy is available in various forms such as comb, helmets, hoods etc.

Hair transplantation: This is the oldest known treatment for hair loss and baldness. Hair transplant as the best baldness treatment in Chennai is used for men who are suffering from AGA and have significantly balding areas. Hair transplant treatment Chennai is used for people who are not benefiting with hair growth therapies. QR678 Neo hair growth treatment is used by best hair doctors in Chennai before and after hair transplant treatments to improve the chances of better transplantation and improved results.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP): Best hair fall treatment clinic in Chennai use PRP treatment on patients who are looking to revive their hair growth. PRP treatment uses the good platelets in the patient’s blood to give a lease of live to the dormant hair follicles. The platelets are injected in the balding areas of the scalp using a procedure called microneedling. Microneedling is a simple procedure that is used to improve topical drug delivery. The price of best hair fall treatment in Chennai using PRP is around Rs 30000/- for three sittings. The booster doses are done every six months.

Stem cell therapy: This new age hair fall treatment is one of the best baldness treatments in Chennai for treating severe conditions like the cicatricial alopecia i.e., scar tissue treatments. Stem cell therapy uses the regenerative cells from the patient’s body to replace the damaged tissue. This is a costlier procedure than other hair growth therapies.

QR678 hair fall treatment: QR678 hair regrowth treatment in Chennai has been invented and developed by to dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor and ace plastic surgeon Dr Debraj Shome in India. Extensive and proven research has gone into development of this hair fall treatment. Many scientific researches have cemented the effectiveness of QR678 hair fall treatment. This treatment in Chennai for improving hair growth is effective for men, women and children.

QR678 hair fall treatment is a mix of formulated growth factors that contain a mix of essential peptides, vitamins, amino acids, nutrients and minerals that target the hair follicles and stimulate them in the growth phase resulting and natural and thicker hair growth.

QR678 is FDA approved and has both India and USA patent. QR678 hair fall treatment cost in Chennai is just about Rs. 8250 Inclusive all taxes per 1 ml injection per sitting. The treatment lasts for about 6-8 months and there is no need for booster doses once the treatment is over. The results are fast and long lasting. The success rate of QR678 hair fall treatment is more than 80% and the treatment is suitable for patients suffering from hair loss because of chemotherapy, hormonal hair loss, stress related hair loss, hair loss because of pregnancy and dermatitis etc.

QR678 Hair Growth Treatment for Hair Loss & Baldness

Before & After Photo Results in Men and Women

The Esthetic Clinics, Chennai is the best baldness treatment clinic in Chennai and it offers treatment for all types of hair problems. We excel in complete customer satisfaction and our top doctors of hair treatment in Chennai will be at every step of your way in this successful journey to getting rid of hair fall permanently by curing hair disorders and ensuring proper hair growth. With our customized hair fall treatments in Chennai you will get the lustre and shine back in your hair in no time at all.


The QR678 therapy arrests hair fall & increases the thickness, number and density of existing hair follicles leading to greater coverage in hair loss. The polypeptides used in the formulation are present in our scalp, making it natural growth factor-based treatment. The polypeptides penetrate deep into the scalp and provide nourishment to the scalp, which results in hair growth.

Unlike other treatments that contain minoxidil & finasteride, QR678 therapy is completely devoid of side effects. QR678 received FDA approval for manufacturing and sale by being the most effective therapy for hair regrowth.


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