Hair loss is a common concern among men and women, but that does not make it easy to live it or accept. Fortunately, with inventions like QR678 hair regrowth therapy, the best hair treatment in Jaipur is just within reach of all. If you are looking for a product or best hair loss treatment in Jaipur or a booster help your hair growth stronger and healthier then The Esthetic Clinics is undoubtedly your best bet. The Esthetic Clinics offers best hair loss treatment in Jaipur an is one of the most sought after alternative to traditional and ineffective hair fall solutions, and provides better and more natural hair texture, density and shine that cannot be achieved otherwise.

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We all love to flaunt our hair and hair styles, however at the same time it is important to keep in mind that hair care is also an ongoing procedure. Our hair is easily affected by the weather, the work and exercise routine, food that we eat and even the age and styling tools. Hair loss can affect everybody, irrespective of the age, cast and creed! There is no one cure that will take away all your hair woes but thanx to the expert and top hair doctors in hair treatment in Jaipur you will get the individualized treatment that your hair is asking for.

At this point of time around 1 million people around the world are seeking hair fall treatment. Hair health is also dependent on the type of shampoo and conditioner that you use however you need to consult the best trichologist in Jaipur to cater for specific hair problems. The right hair loss treatment at the right time will give fortify the hair follicles, increase their life span, and add a boost of life to the lifeless hair strands.

In men the most common cause of hair fall is believed to be because of genetics where in women it can be because of multitude of causes. Some common causes of hair fall include

Best treatment for hair loss in Hyderabad:

Hormonal imbalance

Undue stress



Poor diet and lack of balanced nutrients in diet


Frequent hair styling using chemicals in hot products

Experimenting with hair treatments and not following up with full treatments

Medications and radiation therapies

Prolonged illness



Neglected hair care

Exposure to toxic substances



In some cases, the hair might grow back on its own (remember hair regrowth takes some time to be visible) and in some the damage to the follicles might prevent healthy hair regrowth. Some times the extreme weathers of the pink city Jaipur can also cause accelerated hair fall. Hair fall or hair loss can also be because of combination of factors such as you might be losing hair because of genetics but damage because of pollution can cause increased hair loss. Similarly male pattern baldness can be heredity as well as because of increased sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Best hair loss treatments in Jaipur are most effective when they are done as early as you notice hair fall. The most common indications of hair loss are

Hair fall of more than 100-200 strands every day. Of course, you cannot count the hair but you will notice a definite change in the volume of hair.

Balding or thinning or hair along the crown of the hair in a M shaped pattern.

Loss of hair along the part line and receding hair line in women

Bald spots on eyebrows, hands, legs, and other parts of body

Dry and brittle hair strands that are prone to breakage

Hair coming out by a simple pull

Breakage of hair strands

The very first step to good hair fall treatment is acceptance and then find the best doctor for hair treatment in Jaipur to help get to the ‘root’ of the problem. For diagnosis, the top hair doctors in Jaipur use various tools to find out the quality of hair and the health of scalp. These include a complete blood work, a scalp examination, hair strand tests, scalp biopsy and a complete understanding of your medical history, genes, and current lifestyle. This will help the trichologist understand what treatment will be suitable for your concern.

Every single strand of hair that we have on our body grows at different rates. There are three phases of a hair growth cycle namely growth, resting and the final shedding phase. The full cycle lasts from anywhere between 2-8 years. The rate of hair growth depends on the health of the hair follicles. When we age or are suffering from a disease the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles diminishes and the rate of hair growth reduces drastically and hair shedding increases.

The good news is that you don’t have to accept hair loss as a part of life. Best hair fall treatment in Jaipur are a mix of different hair treatment methods that are customized to treat the underlying cause of hair loss as well as aid in healthy hair regrowth. These include

Hair transplant: One of the most ancient and still successfully used method of hair rejuvenation in Jaipur is the Hair transplant. This is a surgical and invasive procedure but very suitable for men who have large balding spots on their scalp. The hair are taken from the healthy portion of the scalp and relocated in the balding spots. Best trichologist in Jaipur do hair transplant in such as way that the direction of natural hair growth and the hairline design does not appear artificial. Best hair clinic in Jaipur, The Esthetic Clinics uses latest techniques like the robotic hair transplant and FUE and FUT methods to make the process quick, precise, and painless. The hair follicles are multiplied and stored in the laboratory and carefully implanted in the balding spot.

Platelet rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy: The blood platelets are rich in growth factors that help the hair growth faster and revive the dormant follicles. In cases of hair fall when the cause is reduced nutrition to the follicles, PRP is used to fill in the gap. Small amount of patient’s blood is taken and spun through a centrifuge at very high speed to sperate the blood plasma. the whole process takes about 20 minutes during which the patient’s scalp is prepped for injection. The resulting blood plasma has a high content of cytokines. The plasma is then injected in the scalp to add direct nutrition to the hair roots and improve blood circulation. Platelet rich plasma is taken from the patient’s body and therefore the risk of allergic reactions or rejections are minimal. Best hair fall doctors in Jaipur recommend three sessions of PRP in the first year of treatment and thereafter one treatment is needed every six months (as a booster dose) to maintain follicle health. Best hair clinic in Jaipur use PRP treatment for hair rejuvenation in cases of genetic hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, and stress.

QR678 hair regrowth treatment: The pathbreaking QR678 hair fall treatment is the hair treatment therapy that is safe and one of the most popular of hair treatments globally today. QR678 is a simple one stop solution for all problems that you are having with your hair and scalp. QR678 is a made in India hair therapy that as received US patent and India Patent and is FDA approved for commercial production. It is one of its kind products to be accepted at the global platform as a fast acting, safe and cost effect hair therapy. QR678 hair regrowth was invented by best plastic surgery Dr Debraj Shome and top dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor.

QR678 is mix of essential growth factors that curb hair fall, increase hair density, and result in thicker, longer, shiner hair with visibly few greys. QR678 derives its name from quick response therapy to a problem which has no solution previously. QR678 contains is a mix of polypeptides, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other growth factors that are otherwise also present in the scalp but in diminished quantity. These polypeptides are plant based and do not contain any artificial ingredients and stimulants.

Best hair loss treatment in Jaipur using QR678 is done in the doctor’s office as an outpatient procedure. On the day of the procedure, the patient’s scalp is cleaned and QR678 is injected using mesotherapy technique (only 1ml is needed in each sitting). Thus, the hair growth factors are delivered directly to the hair follicles. The growth factors in QR678 work by stimulating the hair follicles from the resting phase into the growth phase naturally.

Total hair rejuvenation treatment takes less than 30 minutes to complete in one session. The results can be seen after 3-4 months of the treatment. The whole treatment takes about 5-8 sittings at regular intervals in the period of 4-5 months. The cost of best hair growth treatment in Jaipur, the QR678 is about 1/10th of the cost of other hair fall treatments. There is no booster dose needed after completion of treatment. QR678 is rated as one of the top hair fall treatments in Jaipur and is used by best hair doctors in India to treat various hair conditions such as androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss, hair loss because of chemotherapy, seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia areata etc.

There is no downtime to the treatment in Jaipur you will not have to take a break from your office or regular lifestyle for the treatment. You can go about your work, exercise, enjoy sports after the treatment session. With the best hair rejuvenation treatment in Jaipur using QR678 you will see the results in the form of thicker and healthier looking hair than ever before.

QR789 baldness treatment in Jaipur is also used with other hair regrowth treatments such as hair transplants. QR678 revives the dying and weak hair follicles and thus reduces the area of transplants and the cost of hair treatment.

Medications such as Minoxidil and Finasteride are also used as popular hair regrowth treatments in Jaipur for curing mild hair loss before of androgenetic alopecia in men and women. The only drawback of medications is that results are variable and only lasts till the time the medications are used. Once medications are stopped the hair fall starts again.

Dr Shome and Dr Rinky Kapoor are the co-directors of The Esthetic Clinics, a cosmetic and dermatology treatment facility which as centres all over India. The Esthetic Clinics is the only private clinics in India approved by Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India and the Drug Controller General of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, for conducting Complex Clinical Trials in India in the field of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery & Cosmetology.

Hair fall treatment cost in Jaipur depends on many factors such as the age of the patient, general health, and the type of hair disorder. Best hair clinic in Jaipur will give you a detailed information about the total cost and the time involved in the treatment.


The QR678 therapy arrests hair fall & increases the thickness, number and density of existing hair follicles leading to greater coverage in hair loss. The polypeptides used in the formulation are present in our scalp, making it natural growth factor-based treatment. The polypeptides penetrate deep into the scalp and provide nourishment to the scalp, which results in hair growth.

Unlike other treatments that contain minoxidil & finasteride, QR678 therapy is completely devoid of side effects. QR678 received FDA approval for manufacturing and sale by being the most effective therapy for hair regrowth.


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