Hair loss and hair thinning has become a common and a major problem, especially in Kolkata. The changing lifestyles, lack of nutrition, inclusion of lots of junk food in regular diet, exposure to pollution are some of the common factors that accelerate hair fall. Therefore, it is natural to seek the best hair loss treatment in Kolkata to deal with the reducing density of the hair. Hair loss does not discriminate between men and women and even children can be affected by hair fall. It is not only detrimental to the self-confidence but it also makes a person conscious of their appearance. Best hair treatment in Kolkata will help you regain the lost crowning glory with the help of many modern treatments that not only control hair fall but also promote hair growth.

Hair loss or hair thinning can happen at any age. And if you are the part of 80 million men and women around the world that are actively seeking best hair fall treatment options then you will come across loads and loads of them. Friends, co-workers, relatives, family members will suggest all kinds of treatments and will come to you with references for best doctor for hair treatment in Kolkata. It is quite ok to be unsure about which hair loss treatment in Kolkata to choose from.

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Most people refuse to acknowledge hair fall or delay in getting a treatment because of the physiological element attached to it. Hair fall is sign that you are ageing or there is something wrong with your body and it is asking for attentions. The best hair treatment cost in Kolkata is another important factor that affects the choice of best hair treatment in Kolkata. Best hair growth treatment in Kolkata at The Esthetic Clinics will cure your hair disorder and also ensure a healthy hair growth.

Types and causes of hair loss and thinning

The problem of hair loss is not just about losing few strands of hair from your scalp, it can also cause inflammation in the scalp and damage the hair follicles, sometimes beyond repair. The most common types of hair loss include

If you are suffering from hair fall problem then you should contact the best hair doctor in Kolkata. In Kolkata, always check the credibility of the hair doctor and hair clinic before setting up an appointment for consultation. A good hair doctor in Kolkata will not prescribe a treatment without having done a few tests to check the cause of hair fall, type of hair, the extent of damage and the scalp condition. Your daily habits form an important part of the diagnosis too.

Tests to determine the best hair treatment in Kolkata for your hair

Best hair specialist in Kolkata use the following test methods to determine the problems with scalp and hair shaft

Best hair treatment in Kolkata at
The Esthetic Clinics:

Among the best hair clinic in Kolkata, The Esthetic Clinics offers the best hair loss treatments, hair growth treatments, skin care treatments and body contouring procedures that you can find the world. The Esthetic Clinics has been the front-runner in introducing many latest treatments such as the QR678 hair care treatment to the world. The Esthetic Clinics is the only private chain of Plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and dermatology treatment centres that have been approved by the DGCAI for running clinical trials for latest drugs, treatments and medications in the field of skin, nail and hair care.

Path breaking hair treatment , the QR678 hair growth treatment has been invented and developed by The Esthetic Clinics, directors Dr Debraj Shome and Dr Rinky Kapoor. Dr Debraj Shome is known as the best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata and Dr Rinky Kapoor is a renowned dermatologist. There are thousands of unproven claims and products in the market to help with the hair regrowth but there are only few scientifically proven and well research approved treatments such as the QR678 treatment for hair growth in Kolkata that actually produces long lasting results.

To slow down hair fall and stimulate the hair follicles into new hair growth the best hair loss treatment in Kolkata includes the following treatment options

Medications: The use of medications is often taken as the first line of treatment for low to mild hair loss. Medications are also combined with other treatments to speed up the hair growth process.

Medications for genetic hair fall need to be taken/applied regularly in order to keep the hair fall in control. Once you stop taking the medications the hair loss starts again. Best trichologist in Kolkata will explain the advantages and disadvantage to you . The best hair fall treatment cost in Kolkata using medications is about Rs1000/- per month.

Platelet rich plasma therapy: Also known as the PRP therapy , this type of best hair regrowth treatment is a simple three-step process. The patient’s blood is drawn, spun through a centrifuge to obtain the good plasma and then the PRP is injected in the scalp. PRP treatment gives a vitamin boost to the sleeping hair follicles and fortifies them with some growth factors. The PRP is injected at half-inch intervals across the balding areas along with the process of micro needling. PRP is the best hair growth treatment in Kolkata to treat androgenetic alopecia and stress related hair loss. Best hair fall treatment cost in Kolkata for PRP is around Rs 30000/- for three sittings. Booster does is needed every six months.

Stem cell therapy: Stem cell therapy is the best baldness treatment in Kolkata for treatment of cicatricial alopecia which causes the scar tissues to replace the hair follicles. The fat cells are taken from the scalp from the abdominal area, placed in a centrifuge to accumulate the suspension, the suspension is injected in the scalp. The stem cells are regenerative cells that can multiply and become any cells in the body and replace the damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy is a lengthy process and the cost of this best baldness treatment in Kolkata is more than other non-invasive treatments.

QR678 hair growth therapy: A completely pain less and incision free hair growth therapy, the QR678 hair treatment is the best hair regrowth treatment in Kolkata for treatment of all kinds of hair disorders. Best QR678 treatment in Kolkata is a mix of specially formulated growth factors that target the hair follicles and fortify them with specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients that not only stop he hair loss but also increases the follicle width leading to natural and thicker hair growth.

QR678 is injected in the scalp using very fine needle and a process called mesotherapy. Best hair growth treatment in Kolkata, the QR678 is FDA approved and a patented formula in India and US. The success rate of QR678 is more than 80% and it can be used on children, men and women suffering from various types of hair loss caused because of genetics, hormones, stress, pregnancy, chemotherapy, dermatitis etc.

Best QR678 treatment in Kolkata does not have any side effects and the results are visible in just four weeks of treatment. The best hair growth treatment in Kolkata cost for this therapy is about Rs 8250 inclusive all taxes per 1ml injection per sitting. This best hair regrowth treatment in Kolkata gives you the benefit of preventing hair loss, stimulating natural hair growth, strengthening the hair roots, and protecting your hair from damage.

Hair transplant: The traditional best baldness treatment in Kolkata the hair transplant is suitable for permanent hair loss. Burns, surgery, accidents, diseases such as lupus or morpea can cause scarring in follicles and make then not suitable for hair growth therapies. The best baldness treatment in Kolkata using hair transplant is a lengthy surgical process. There are mainly two types of hair transplants : Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit transplantation. In both processes the hair follicles are transported from the healthy part of the scalp to the balding part. The cost of hair transplant ranges from Rs 45000/- to Rs 135000/- depending on the number of grafts needed.

QR678 Hair Growth Treatment for Hair Loss & Baldness

Before & After Photo Results in Men and Women

At The Esthetic Clinics you not only get a solution and treatment for all your hair problems but our top doctors for hair treatment in Kolkata also believe in complete customer satisfaction. Consultation with best cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Kolkata, Dr Debraj Shome will ensures a carefully planned hair treatment program that will stop hair loss, cure the hair disorders and ensure proper hair growth. Best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, Dr Debraj Shome specialises in various hair growth therapies like QR678 treatment that strengthen the hair roots and give your hair the lustre and shine that you always wanted.


The QR678 therapy arrests hair fall & increases the thickness, number and density of existing hair follicles leading to greater coverage in hair loss. The polypeptides used in the formulation are present in our scalp, making it natural growth factor-based treatment. The polypeptides penetrate deep into the scalp and provide nourishment to the scalp, which results in hair growth.

Unlike other treatments that contain minoxidil & finasteride, QR678 therapy is completely devoid of side effects. QR678 received FDA approval for manufacturing and sale by being the most effective therapy for hair regrowth.


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