Best Hair Treatment in Ludhiana for Hair Loss, Hair Fall and Baldness in Men & Women - QR678 Hair Growth Solution

Hair thinning or hair loss or dry and frizzy hair are a cause of concern to every person and even devastating for some and rightfully so. The alarming rise in the number of younger people seeking hair treatments is bought focus on the hair regrowth treatments more so then ever. The key to fixing the various hair issues is to get to the root cause of hair loss. Best hair loss treatment in Ludhiana starts with finding out the cause of hair loss which is generally specific to each individual. Best hair treatment in Ludhiana is done by board certified dermatologist who examine, diagnose, and treat the condition using hair loss treatment options.

Modern hair loss treatments are not just about the balding spots in the scalp, most men and women are also seeking hair loss treatment for better hair quality and texture. Greater awareness  about scalp care has led to many people exploring successful hair loss treatment options. Gone are the days when the hair loss space was reserved only by men, demand for women hair loss treatment is also on the rise.

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There are two parts to the hair: the follicle and the shaft. An adult has over five million hair follicles and out of these about one hundred thousand are on the scalp. The hair growth cycle has three phases

  • The growth phase that is called as anagen and this lasts for about 2-9 years
  • The transition phase i.e., catagen that lasts for about four to six weeks and in this the hair just rests.
  • The last phase is the telogen in which the hair shaft detaches itself from the follicle and sheds. This phase lasts for the time period of 2-3 months.

In a normal healthy person, more than 90% of hair are in anagen phase and the rest are in catagen or telogen phase. The hair needs nutrition to grow and this nutrition comes from the diet that you eat. A healthy hair shaft needs keratin, protein, vitamins and minerals and oils. Any deficiency results in hair becoming thinner and eventually they fall off resulting in visible scalp and balding patches. In women hormonal changes because of menopause  is one of the most major cause of hair fall and in men the main cause of hair fall is ageing and a genetic disposition.

Top doctors for hair treatment in Ludhiana use tried and true hair loss treatment options that will help you regain your hair and make you feel your beautiful and smart self again. Apart from the physical appearance, hair fall treatments also bring back one’s confidence in their appearance. Some common causes that might be causing your hair fall

  • Crash diets, imbalanced diets etc. disturb the system and hair fall is triggered because of the deficiency of vitamin and proteins.
  • Androgenetic alopecia is hereditary and you can get it from either of your parent’s side. This can appear in early teens.
  • Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and other conditions such as thyroid, hormonal imbalance also lead to hair loss. If you are undergoing chemotherapy or taking radiation medications or have scalp fungus or are pregnant then you can face hair loss. This type of hair loss is known as telogen effluvium.
  • Stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise also increases hair loss
  • Exposure to pollution, lack of hair care, use of too many chemical products damage the hair shaft and cause breakage.
  • Bruns, scarring, accidents can cause permanent damage to the hair follicles. This condition is called anagen effluvium and scar tissues replace follicles.
  • Autoimmune conditions such as lupus, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis also trigger hair loss. In such conditions the hair falls in patches.

Understanding the reason of hair loss is the key to finding the top hair regrowth treatment in Ludhiana.  Depending on the cause of hair fall, there is a positive chance that the issue can be permanently alleviated. Best trichologist in Ludhiana focus on getting to the bottom of the cause of hair loss which is the most important factor in successfully treating hair loss and improve hair regrowth.

Hair fall diagnosis

Best hair doctor in Ludhiana specialize in treating hair loss and they start the diagnosis with a simple examination of the scalp. An additional few lab tests such as routine blood work and a scalp biopsy. They hair doctor might also do a pull or tug test to check the hair strength. The blood work will give an idea of deficiencies as vitamin, iron, or insulin etc. Best hair clinics in Ludhiana will only recommend a treatment after determining the cause.

Best hair loss and hair regrowth treatment options

Causes of hair fall are different for men and women therefore treatment options used by best trichologist in Ludhiana are also different for men and women. Your treatment and its expected duration and cost of the best hair fall treatment that will suit you will be discussed in detail by the doctor. The most common treatment options for stemming hair loss and stimulating hair regrowth are:

  • Medications: These are the most common hair loss treatment for androgenetic alopecia are the different types of medications. The most common types include:
    • Propecia (finasteride): this is prescription oral medication that is prescribed to those suffering from male pattern baldness. This medicine restricts the production of DHT hormone. DHT is a derivative of androgen and causes hair follicles to shrink. Propecia is not suitable for women.
    • Minoxidil: Comes in the form of lotion or cream and can be used to treat both male and female pattern baldness and hair loss caused because of other reasons such ageing.
    • Dutasteride: This medicine is specifically used to treat male pattern hair loss but this is not an approved medication
    • Spironolactone: is a medication used to treat female pattern hair loss and contains low androgen contraceptives.
    • Combination of corticosteroids : these are used for the treatment of alopecia aerate.

The important thing to keep in mind when using medications is that you might face some hair fall at the beginning before new hair growth starts. Also, medications are only effective up to the point till you are using them. Their effect wears out when you stop using them.

    • Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP): PRP is the new advancement in the hair loss treatment world. PRP is used in many treatments such as reducing joint pain and inflammation. Best hair fall treatment in Ludhiana, the PRP is directly injected in the scalp to promote hair regrowth and reduce inflammation. PRP therapy is also used by top doctors for hair loss in Ludhiana treat various hair disorders that are causing hair thinning. The process of PRP is very simple. The doctor will draw your blood and spin it through the centrifuge. The centrifuge will separate the platelet rich plasma which is then collected and the specialised cells are re injected in the scalp. The whole procedure takes about 90 minutes per session. Best hair clinic in Ludhiana performs the procedure in a sterile environment to reduce any risks of infection. PRP is one of the best hair loss treatments in Ludhiana because it can be used on both males and females and address many underlying causes of poor hair growth.
    • Stem cell therapy: Top hair doctors in Ludhiana recommend stem cell hair regrowth therapy for patients suffering from pattern baldness, front fibrosing alopecia and cicatricial alopecia. The stem cells have a unique ability to replicate themselves and when injected in the hair follicles they regenerate and revive the dead follicles. Since the stem cells are taken from the patient there are no chances of allergic reactions or infections. The cost of best hair fall treatment in Ludhiana using stem cell therapy is almost the same as hair transplant.
    • QR678: The best and most affordable hair regrowth therapy: QR678 is a specific mix of selective growth factors that are injected in the blading areas of the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles in to growth phase. QR678 was invented by top cosmetic surgeon Dr Debraj Shome and eminent dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor a few years back. QR678 has already received US and India patent and is FDA approved for commercial production. Best hair regrowth treatment in Ludhiana, the QR678 has more than 90% success rate in men, women, and children. QR678:
      • The entire treatment takes less than thirty minutes to complete.
      • QR678, best hair growth treatment in Ludhiana is injected directly in the scalp using thin mesotherapy needles and so you will hardly feel any pain or discomfort during the treatment.
      • The results of QR678 can be seen from the fourth week onwards. The whole treatment takes about eight weeks to complete.
      • The results of this top baldness treatment are permanent and need not be repeated or ask for booster doses.
      • QR678 gives successful results in case of cancer patients and PCOS patients too.
      • QR678 has no side effects and downtime.

      Hair transplant: hair transplants are the oldest baldness treatment that are used around the world. This is a surgical technique that takes the good follicles from the back of the scalp and neck and transplants them in the balding areas of the scalp. Hair transplants are used to treat androgenetic alopecia and other hair disorders. It cannot be used as a treatment for hair loss because of autoimmune conditions that can damage the scalp. Best trichologist in Ludhiana use latest techniques such as robotic hair transplants to perform hair transplants with fewer risks.

      The Esthetic Clinic is one of the top hair treatment clinics in Ludhiana offering top of the class hair treatments for men, women, and children. The team of best hair specialist in Ludhiana is led by top cosmetic surgeon Dr Debraj Shome.  Dr Shome is a hair restoration specialist, well known plastic, and cosmetic surgeon with years of successful career under his belt. Dr Debraj Shome and his team has helped hundreds of people around the world  affected by hair loss with the  innovative QR678 hair regrowth treatment, the best option for hair restoration and rejuvenation.

      The cost of best hair fall treatment in Ludhiana depends on various factors. These include the type of treatment, the age of the patient and the cause of hair loss. Top hair clinics in Ludhiana us a combination of treatments to get best and faster results.