Best Hair Treatment in Raipur for Hair Loss, Hair Fall and Baldness in Men & Women - QR678 Hair Growth Solution

“Hair fall will happen and you just have to live with it”  Thankfully with due credit to the best hair fall treatments in Raipur, the aforementioned statement is no longer valid.  Yes, hair fall happens because of various reasons that are discussed in this article later but best hair loss treatment in Raipur ensure that you don’t have to live with it. Hair fall can affect men, women  and children of various ages. Best hair clinics in Raipur work with you for your concerns regarding the volume and quality of hair and treat various hair disorders.

Every body is unique and therefore there is no one and best hair fall treatment that will suit everybody.  Best hair regrowth treatment in Raipur takes into account your lifestyle and expectations along with other factors to provide a customized hair treatment accordingly. More than 50% of women and 60% of men face hair fall at some point of their lives. In the past it was more of a cosmetic problem with women but in today’s times even men are seeking best baldness treatments to regain the youthful hairline.

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We know that up to 100 strands hair fall every day is normal but we really can’t sit counting hair, can we? Therefore, you need to keep a close watch on your hair so notice the problems and get them treated as soon as possible. Sometimes just using the right shampoo and conditioner might do the trick but sometimes the problem might be deeper. For example, when your diet lacks the required nutrition, the body will use up its resources and the scalp is the first place that faces the deficit. Therefore, your hair fall could be because of what you are not eating. Top hair doctor in Raipur will cater for such specifics and will give you the best hair regrowth treatment suiting to your body.

Consulting the best hair fall treatment specialist in Raipur will clear all your doubts and debunk some myths surrounding hair fall such as hair loss is always heredity. The main causes of hair fall include

  • The genetics
  • Hormonal imbalance such as overproduction or underproduction
  • Stress because of some sudden changes in life or just normal work pressure
  • Poor diet and lack of nutrients such as binging on burgers and snacks and not drinking enough water.
  • Medications for thyroid, heard conditions, diabetes etc. can cause hair loss
  • Radiation therapies for cancer and tumours
  • Surgeries
  • Exposure to toxic substance such as working in a power plant or living in radiation prone areas
  • Neglected hair care and compensation for it with use of chemical and harsh hair products.
  • Pregnancy
  • PCOS and menopause.

Genetics is the main cause of hair loss in men and some women but the other factors also contribute in accelerating the hair fall. For example, maybe you are stress eating and therefore the stress and junk food combine to make your hair dull and lifeless. Or the dry weather can make the scalp dry and weaken the hair root causing the hair fall. Male pattern baldness or the androgenetic alopecia is attributed to increased sensitivity to the androgen blocking hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT.

Best hair fall treatments in Raipur include both the preventive hair fall treatments and the hair regrowth treatments such as the QR678 hair regrowth therapy in Raipur.  Best trichologist in Raipur will work out the best solution for the most natural looking hair growth results that you desire.

When to visit a hair specialist?

It is recommended that you don’t start any hair fall treatment without consulting the best hair fall treatment without consulting the best hair doctor in Raipur. Here are some indications that you are facing a hair fall problem

  • You have been noticing hair strands everywhere
  • You notice a receding hairline. For men it is on the top of the scalp and for women the hairline is accompanied by hair loss along the part.
  • You notice bald patches on the scalp and other parts of the body.
  • The hair strands have become weak and are breaking off
  • Patches of hair are falling out because of infection in the scalp
  • You notice that you are not able to style your hair as before.

Best doctor for hair treatment in Raipur will do some regular tests such as blood work, tug and pull test etc. to find out the cause of hair fall. Blood work will help figure out nutrient and hormonal deficiencies and scalp and strand exam will enable the trichologist to examine the hair and check for the patterns of hair loss. Best trichologist in Raipur will also take a note of your medical history, medications, current lifestyle, age etc.

Once the cause of hair fall is identified the next step for the best hair fall treatment in Raipur is to start the treatment. The  hair regrowth treatment in Raipur includes professional targeted treatments along with basic diet changes that you need to follow regularly. Keep in mind that there is no hair regrowth treatment that will give results overnight. You need to give a minimum of three months to the hair regrowth treatments to show their effect.

Depending on your requirement best hair clinics in Raipur use the following treatment methods for hair regrowth and stopping hair fall

PRP hair regrowth therapy: This is a fairly new therapy that is used by top hair doctors in Raipur to treat the balding areas on the scalp and stimulate hair regrowth.  PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma i.e., it uses the rich plasma in our blood to fortify the scalp follicles. The PRP is extracted from the patient’s blood and then injected in the scalp to stop the hair fall. This whole process takes about 90 minutes in which the  patient’s blood is extracted and spun through the centrifuge to obtain the plasma. Since the patient’s own blood is used in this process there is minimal risk of infection or allergic reactions. PRP is autologous and rich in cytokines. One of the best hair regrowth treatments in Raipur, the PRP is used by trichologist for treatment of hair loss because of ageing, genetics, and stress.

Hair transplant: The age old method of hair transplant has seen a revolution in the recent years. It is one of the oldest hair regrowth treatments in Raipur but not as painful and invasive as before. Hair transplant in Raipur is a process in which healthy hair are taken from the back of the scalp and then ‘put in’ the balding areas of the scalp. There are two methods of hair transplant namely, FUE and FUT. Best hair fall treatment clinic in Raipur, The Esthetic Clinics uses robotic devices to make hair transplant procedures more precise and less lengthy and painful. Hair transplant is especially helpful for patients who have large balding areas on the scalp with dead follicles.

QR678 hair regrowth therapy and hair fall treatment: QR678 hair regrowth treatment is the one stop solution for all your hair woes. This treatment can be used for patients facing hair fall because of various reasons such as androgenetic alopecia, chemotherapy, stress, pregnancy, traction alopecia, seborrheic dermatitis, alopecia areata, female pattern hair loss and PCOS.  QR678 hair regrowth treatment in Raipur is FDA approved treatment that is patented in US and India. The effects of QR678 hair fall treatment  have been tested and proven in clinical settings and patient trials. The success rate of QR678 is more than 90% in male, female, and children.

QR678 hair fall treatment in Raipur is a made in India treatment that was invented by Internationally acknowledged plastic surgeon Dr Debraj Shome and famous dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor. The product was tested at The Esthetic Clinics, India. The Esthetic Clinics is the only private clinics in India approved by Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) under Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India and the Drug Controller General of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, for conducting Complex Clinical Trials in India in the field of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery & Cosmetology.

QR678  baldness treatment in Raipur is a mix of essential hair growth factors hat are needed by follicles for good hair growth. Best hair doctors in Raipur use QR678 to improve the density of hair follicles and improve hair strength resulting in thicker and longer hair growth with fewer greys. QR678 contains a mix of polypeptides, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other growth factors that are otherwise also present in the scalp but in diminished quantity. These polypeptides are plant based and do not contain any artificial ingredients and stimulants.

QR678 hair fall treatment is a non-invasive hair regrowth therapy and it is injected in the scalp using the mesotherapy technique. Hair specialist use about 1ml of injection per sitting and it is done as an outpatient procedure. There is no interaction of the formulation wit the blood stream because it is directly injected in the hair follicles. QR678 stimulates the hair follicles from the resting and shedding phase to the growth phase.

The whole hair regrowth treatment takes less than 10 minutes to complete in a session and you only seen on session spaced about 3-4 weeks about. The whole treatment is done is a period of about eight months and you will start seeing the results in the about three months. There is no risk of allergies or infections and the cost of this top hair regrowth treatment in Raipur is just a fraction of cost of other hair treatments. QR678 is rated as one of the top hair regrowth treatments in Raipur and there are no restrictions post the treatment. i.e., you will not have to take a day off from work or disrupt your normal routine in any way.

Medications: Popular medicated treatments for controlling hair fall include used of finasteride, minoxidil to control hair fall. These medications should only be taken on the advice of a doctor. Finasteride comes in tablet form and minoxidil is to be applied on the scalp balding portions for stimulating hair regrowth. Be careful that you use the correct method of using medications and remember that the effects of medications last only till the time you are taking the treatments.

Best hair doctors in Raipur use a combination of treatments to achieve the desired results in terms of hair regrowth and hair strength. The QR678 hair fall treatment in Raipur is also used by top hair doctors before and after hair transplants to reduce the area of transplant and improve viability of the transplanted follicles. Thus, the combination of the two results in lower hair fall treatment costs and improves the quality and longevity of the results.  In the same way minoxidil is sometimes prescribed along with QR678 hair fall treatment to reduce the hair fall and hasten the hair regrowth from the weak follicles. The Esthetic Clinics, Raipur offers all type of hair fall treatment and has some of the top hair specialist in the country working with them. Our specialist will guide you in the right direction of hair regrowth and hair fall treatment.