Hair problems are a common concern with all age groups and hair loss is a harsh reality to accept and live with. Best hair treatments in UAE can revive dull, damaged, dry, and brittle hair to their previous glorious self. The bitter truth is that more than 70% of men and 40% of women would have experienced hair loss by the time they turn fifty. This number is increasing day by day. In the bygone days, hair loss was associated with ageing but sadly, the age group of people suffering from hair loss in UAE is getting younger day by day. Hair loss alters our entire appearance and can have drastic effect on one’s self-esteem and confidence. Best hair loss treatments in UAE stop hair fall, promote hair growth and help the patient deal the psychological impact of hair loss.

Loss of hair is often linked with loss of youth and taken as a sign of ageing. The low self-esteem, embarrassment in going out in public, depression, favouring caps to styling the hair, being teased and feeling humiliated are just some of the side effects of hair loss. The medical term of hair loss is Alopecia. Alopecia can affect men, women, and children. Although hair loss is most noticeable at the scalp, it can affect other parts of body too such as the eyebrows, beard, chest hair etc. Loss of hair can be because of different causes and affects different people in different ways.

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It is important to choose the best hair treatment in UAE that can identify and target the hair loss and also will not aggravate the symptoms. Best doctors for hair treatment in UAE have in depth knowledge about types and causes of hair loss can make sure that each individual is treated effectively with customized treatments. Best hair doctors in UAE will ensure that you understand the cause of hair fall in your particular case. The most common cause of loss of hair includes genetics, emotional stress, trauma, polygenetics, scalp disease, skin disease, thyroid disease, recent surgery, autoimmune disease, iron deficiency, drugs, recent childbirth, surgery, medications, and hormonal imbalance. The main cause of hair loss in over 90% of men is Androgenetic alopecia i.e. male pattern baldness. The hair loss can start as early as the age of 20 and it is caused because of the build-up of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) around the hair follicles. The DHT is a by-product of testosterone and it hardens over time, restricting the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. As a result, the new hair growth is thinner, shorter, greyer and over time, the hair growth stops all together. In women, 40% of hair loss can be attributed to androgenetic alopecia.

Best hair loss treatment for men is different from those for women because when it comes to treating hair fall in women, best hair specialist in UAE have to take into account the fact that more than 30 hormones can cause female hair loss and the hair fall pattern is quite different from men.

Individuals often spend a lot of time searching for the best hair growth treatment in UAE and more often than not, their hard earned money is wasted in trying out different hair regrowth products with no results because the cause of hair fall is not treated. Best trichologist in UAE will ensure that that you understand your particular type of hair loss and the cause behind it.

There is a variety of best hair fall treatments in UAE and the best hair growth treatment cost in UAE varies with the type of treatment you are opting for. A top doctor of hair treatment in UAE will ensure that you know all about your particular type of hair loss and also ensure that you have full understanding on how the recommended best hair regrowth treatment in UAE will work for you to achieve good hair regrowth without any side effects.

When it comes to the best hair treatment in UAE, you should not be settling for the second best. Visit the best trichologist in UAE today if you have any of the following symptoms:

Appearance of bald patch on the scalp and other parts of the body

Oiliness or dryness on the scalp and hair that is not usual

Itching and irritation of the scalp

Noticeable hair thinning over a period of time

Scalp becoming visible around the crown area

Excessive hair fall

Low hair growth rate

Clumps of hair coming in your hand if you run your fingers through it

Hair breakage after chemical or saloon treatment

Best hair fall treatment in UAE

The hair follow a specific growth cycle and your diet and lifestyle are two most important factors that affect this growth cycle apart from other intrinsic factors. The hair needs proteins, nutrients and vitamins to grow. If you go shopping for best hair growth treatments in UAE , the shelves of even supermarkets are filled with products that ‘promise quick result’ however that is not true in 99% of the cases. Best trichologist in UAE use the following six methods to treat hair fall:

Minoxidil: This OTC treatment comes under the brand name of Rogaine and it comes as foam or a lotion to massage on the scalp. Minoxidil works by increasing the flow of blood around the shrunken follicles, enabling them to draw more nutrients from the scalp and encouraging a lengthened growth phase. Best hair clinics in UAE recommend the use of Rogaine for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men and women.

Finasteride: This is a prescription medication for androgenetic alopecia that comes under the brand name of Propecia. Finasteride inhibits the production of DHT and therefore the miniaturization of follicles reduces. Finasteride is not suitable for young women especially those who want to conceive and/or are pregnant.

PRP hair fall treatment therapy: Platelet rich plasma therapy for hair growth gives boost of life to the dormant Hair follicles. PRP treatment is effective in treating hair loss because of genetics, hair loss because of ageing and stress related hair loss. PRP therapy is a nonsurgical minimally invasive best hair loss treatment in UAE. The procedure involves drawing the blood, spinning it through a centrifuge to extract the good plasma, and injected the good plasma to on the scalp. PRP injections are placed on the bare or near bare portions at one-inch intervals. The treatment needs to be done at regular intervals over a period of three months and repeat treatments are needed every six months to maintain the hair growth.

Stem cell therapy: The stem cell therapy is the new best baldness treatment in UAE option for treatment of male and female pattern baldness, and cicatricial alopecia (a condition that causes scaring of the hair follicles). The stem cells are harvested from the healthy part of the scalp by extracting the hair follicle and running them through a centrifuge, these are then injected in the recipient site of the scalp. Stem cell can become any cells in the body and they heal the follicles by dividing and replacing the damaged follicle stem cell.

Hair transplant: Hair transplant is no longer long and tedious process as before; modern techniques used in FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures can reverse the effects of male and female pattern baldness. Best baldness treatment cost in UAE of hair transplants is major factor that dictates the choice of hair transplant. Best hair loss treatment in UAE using hair transplants are more suitable for men because men have hair loss in concentrated area as opposed to women who generally experience hair thinning. In both FUE and FUT, methods the hair follicles are taken from the back of the head because they are more resistant to DHT and transplanted in the balding areas of the scalp.

QR678 hair growth treatment: Best hair regrowth
treatment in UAE

While most of the above-mentioned treatments work very well for specific hair loss disorders such as androgenetic alopecia and stress related hair loss, they do have their own limitations. Minoxidil and Finasteride take up to three to six months to show the effects and the hair loss stops only for the time you are taking the medications. Once you stop the treatment, the hair fall reverts to its original pattern.

The PRP therapy relies on the patient’s blood health and therefore is not suitable if you have any hormonal imbalance or deficiency in the blood. The stem cell is a lengthy and a very costly process with considerable chance of side effects and hair transplants are time consuming, costly and might not give the results that you want.

Balancing this gap in the need of one holistic treatment of hair growth that produces natural results without any side effects and is suitable for all. QR678 is the best hair regrowth therapy in UAE that is suitable for all types of hair loss disorders such as androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, dermatitis, hair loss because of chemotherapy, hair loss because of medication and PCOS.

Why is QR678 the best hair treatment in UAE?

QR678 hair fall solution is a mix of natural growth factors that deliver the essential nutrients, hair growth polypeptides, essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, nucleic acids, Vitamin A , Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 , Vitamin B3 , Vitamin B5 ,Vitamin B6 , Vitamin B7 , Vitamin B12 , Vitamin C , Vitamin E , Vitamin I , Vitamin K, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium to the dormant hair follicles.

While the current hair growth treatments have their limitations, best hair regrowth treatment using QR678 not only stops hair fall but also stimulates natural hair growth. QR678 treatment is developed using plant based specific natural compounds that gives a more specific and powerful result as compared to other therapies such as PRP and clinical treatments.

History of QR678 treatment

Best hair regrowth treatment in UAE, the QR678, was invented by world famous Indian doctors Dr Debraj Shome and Dr Rinky Kapoor who are also the directors of the famous chain of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and dermatology clinics The Esthetic Clinics in India.

Dr Debraj Shome is the best cosmetic surgeon in India and is recognized worldwide for his work in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Dr Debraj Shome has published more than 60 peer reviewed, indexed, publication in top research journals in the world. His research in trichology, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, facial plastic surgery, non-invasive plastic surgery treatments has been recognized by many international forums and in 2020 Dr Debraj Shome became the first surgeon from Asia to become American Board certified in Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

QR678 has been tested on more than 10000 patients worldwide in the age groups ranging from 13 years to 60 years. The success rate of QR678 is more than 80%, which is statistically much higher than any other treatment modality. QR678 hair growth treatment does not have any side effects and the results are visible from just four weeks of the treatment. The best hair regrowth treatment in UAE the QR678 is injected in the scalp using mesotherapy technique. The treatment is done in less than 20 minutes. The total treatment duration for eight sessions done in the period of three to four months. There is no need for a repeat, booster or maintenance treatment.

Alopecia might be something that you have not been able to avoid but that does not mean that you have to live with it, best hair specialists can help you find the best hair treatment. When visiting the best hair doctors in UAE make sure that you discuss the best hair treatment cost in UAE with them. Best hair growth treatment cost in UAE is a very significant factor as the result of the treatment is depended on who does the treatment. Best hair doctors in UAE use a combination of best hair fall treatments to treat the cause and type of hair fall. Check the best hair regrowth cost in UAE at the hair clinic before you consent for the treatment.

QR678 Hair Growth Treatment for Hair Loss & Baldness

Before & After Photo Results in Men and Women

QR678 has received Indian patent and USA patent and approved by Indian FDA for safety and efficacy. Best QR678 hair treatment cost in UAE is significantly lower than hair transplant and stem cell therapy cost. Contact us today to know more about the best hair clinics in UAE providing QR678 hair fall treatment.


The QR678 therapy arrests hair fall & increases the thickness, number and density of existing hair follicles leading to greater coverage in hair loss. The polypeptides used in the formulation are present in our scalp, making it natural growth factor-based treatment. The polypeptides penetrate deep into the scalp and provide nourishment to the scalp, which results in hair growth.

Unlike other treatments that contain minoxidil & finasteride, QR678 therapy is completely devoid of side effects. QR678 received FDA approval for manufacturing and sale by being the most effective therapy for hair regrowth.


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