Choose the Best Trichologist for Hair Treatment in India - QR 678

A trichologist is a professional who specializes in issues and diseases of the scalp and the hair. This specialist may or may not have any medical background or official training in medicine, but is likely to have completed a course in trichology.

In some cases, a medical specialist like a dermatologist may prefer to take up an extra course in trichology to be able to provide better treatments for hair loss. In any case, trichologists know and understand different hair and scalp problems, which can be anything from persistent dandruff to hair loss. This makes them the right specialists to approach when you need high-quality hair treatment in India.

You should consider seeing a trichologist if you notice severe hair loss resulting in thinning hair and bald spots. Its specialization in trichology makes them qualified to answer questions and provide treatment for scalp issues like scaling and dandruff, too. When choosing a trichologist, make sure that he or she is certified in trichology or that he or she holds a medical degree.

Look up trichologists in India online and narrow down your choices to those who are licensed or are known doctors. Choose a professional with a proven record of successful hair treatments in different patients in India. This is a good way to determine whether the professional can help you with your problem or not.

Set an appointment with the trichologist. A consultation will enable you to get to know the specialist better as your scalp and hair are examined. The trichologist will ask you questions to determine the problem before performing further testing. Only then can the trichologist diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. If a trichologist lacks medical training, he or she may refer you to a medical professional. To save time, consider choosing a medical doctor or a dermatologist who has been trained and certified in trichology.

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