Difference between stem cell treatment and hair regrowth treatment for hair fall? - QR 678

Stem cell treatment is a type of hair transplant treatment but instead of taking a strip of skin from the back of the scalp, the hair transplant surgeon extracts a few hair follicles and processes and cultures them in the lab to extract the good stem cells. The stem cells are rich in growth factors and when implanted in the balding areas of the scalp, they help in making the hair follicles reorient themselves and promote hair growth.

Hair regrowth treatments work by identifying the cause of hair fall and the growth factors injected directly into the scalp. The growth factors and DTH inhibitors help increase the hair growth and revive the hair cycle. They have a distinct advantage over stem cell therapy because:

  • Hair regrowth treatments are non-invasive whereas stem cell therapy is minimally invasive.
  • Stem cell therapy for hair growth is still in its testing phase whereas hair regrowth treatments such as the QR678 have already given proven results in many clinical trials and researches.
  • Stem cell treatment is not approved by FDA whereas QR678 and other hair fall treatments are FDA approved.
  • Hair regrowth treatments such as the QR678 give faster and more efficient results than stem cell treatments.