Does applying heena leads to more hair loss? - QR 678
  • Not directly, but over the period of time, it affects the texture and consistency of hair, also heena with chemicals can damage hair

Henna in its pure form is the safest organic option available to colour your hair and hide the greys. Henna uses natural plant based dyes for various shade variation and it naturally strengthen the hair. However henna does not work for everybody, you must do an allergy patch test before using henna on your hair. Henna covers the hair shaft and does not damage the cuticles but if you use henna mixed with chemicals then it will dry up and damage your hair.

Also henna is known to dry the hair and scalp and therefore you need to moisturize your hair every time you use henna. Adding curd, oil, egg, fenugreek, or lemon to the henna are the traditional ways to prevent the dryness and scalp problems.  Over a period of time if you want to continue using henna play special attention to the texture and consistency of the hair and if you notice any change then it time to visit the hair specialist.