The QR678® was invented by a team lead by Dr. Debraj Shome, a well known Surgeon and Dr. Rinky Kapoor, a well known Dermatologist. Dr. Shome & Dr. Kapoor co-founded The Esthetic Clinics®, which are a chain of top class dermatology & plastic surgery centers located in various cities in India.

Dr. Debraj Shome has had a career, with many achievements in clinical & research sciences. Dr. Shome’s career has spawned more than 50 high impact factor, peer reviewed, indexed, publication, in top international research journals. Given his clinical interest, most of the research publications have been in trichology, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, facial plastic surgery, ocular & facial oncology & ophthalmology.

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  • Dr. Debraj Shome has been awarded with multiple national & international awards, such as the “Indian of the Year – 2017”, “Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India”, “Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in India”, “Best Plastic Surgeon in India”, “Breakthrough Innovator in Facial Plastic Surgery” & “India’s Most Promising Face in Facial Plastic Surgery Innovations”.

  • Dr. Shome has also won the extremely acclaimed Colonel Rangachari award & the Hanumantha Reddy award at the annual meeting of the All India Ophthalmological Society Conference in 2010, for his far-reaching invention and paper on a nano-molecule of carboplatin (a cancer drug), that vows to alter the way facial, neural & eye cancers are treated. Dr. Debraj Shome is also one of the creators of the revolutionary QR678® hair growth molecule. Dr. Debraj Shome Being awarded the Colonel Rangachari Award:

  • Dr. Shome is on the Review Board of more than 10 top, international, peer reviewed journals.

    Dr. Debraj Shome was awarded as the “Indian of the Year” at the Healthcare Forum at the Indian Leadership Conclave in August 2017, for his invention of the QR678® hair growth factor formulation, which received a USA patent from the United States Patent and Traddemark Office (USPTO) in 2017.

  • Dr. Debraj Shome was awarded with the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India award at the extremely prestigious India’s Best Doctors Awards Ceremony held at New Delhi, on 24th September, 2016. India’s Best Doctors Awards (IBDA) have been instituted by Brands Impact to recognize the contributions of Healthcare Professionals & Companies towards strengthening India’s Healthcare Infrastructure. These awards were held at Radisson Blu Hotel in New Delhi, India on 24th September 2016. Revered Bollywood actor and TV personality, Mr. Shekhar Suman, graced the magnificent occasion as the Chief Guest. Top Bollywood film stars and politicians like Dr. Sanjay Singh, Raja of Amethi; Sri Acharya Sudarshan ji Maharaj; Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani, Chairman of CBFC; & Mr. Kirti Azad, Former MP & Indian Cricketer, graced the occasion. The Union Minister of State for Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, also graced the occasion.

  • Dr. Debraj Shome was awarded the ‘Best Plastic Surgeon in India’ award at the extremely prestigious National Healthcare Excellence Awards 2016. The event was organised by CMO Asia and held at Hotel Taj Lands End, Mumbai, India, on 24th June 2016. The vision of CMO Asia is to share best global practices and give more space to the consumer voice.

  • Dr. Debraj Shome was awarded As “India’s Most Promising Face In Facial Plastic Surgery Innovations” At India Leadership Conclave POWER BRAND 2015, organised by the Network 7 Media group ( www.network7mediagroup.net ). This award was bestowed at the 6th Annual Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2015 (www.ilc2015.in), in August 2015.

Significant contributions to science and/ or technology development by Dr. Debraj Shome in the past 5 years:

Debraj Shome has performed significant path breaking research in hair growth & alopecia. Dr. Shome et al invented a hair growth formulation, called the QR 678 hair growth factors formulation. This formulation was awarded a USA patent by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in June 2017 and an Indian patent in 2019. A team led by Dr. Shome was responsible for inventing a novel hair growth drug, called the QR678® hair growth factor injections. This was reported as first page news in all editions of the Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/At-Rs-5000-a-shot-QR-678-helps-lost-hair-grow-back/articleshow/6581995.cms Clinical research conducted on this was published: Intradermal injections of a hair growth factor formulation for enhancement of human hair regrowth – safety and efficacy evaluation in a first-in-man pilot clinical study. Kapoor R, Shome D. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2018 Feb 26:1-11. doi: 10.1080/14764172.2018.1439965. The same has now secured FDA permissions for manufacturing for commercial sales, within India. This research is revolutionary in the sense that not only a novel medicine to treat hair fall has been invented by a clinician researcher based in India, this has garnered international recognition by way of a US patent and now commercialization is being performed! Dr. Debraj Shome has performed significant path breaking research facial oncology & facial plastic surgery.
  1. Research paper on Myoconjunctival Enucleation (Shome D et al. Implant and Prosthesis Movement after Enucleation: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Ophthalmology 2010) demonstrated better prosthesis motility, with a newer surgical technique, using a much cheaper implant. This revolutionized treatment in India, with a cheaper Rs. 100 implant (as opposed to Rs. 25000 costing US implants).
  2. Research paper on Peri-ocular Injections of carboplatin (a cancer drug), in advanced cases of Retinoblastoma, revolutionized existing practice patterns in RB treatment (Shome D et al. Does a nanomolecule of carboplatin injected periocularly help in attaining higher intravitreal concentrations? Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2009 Dec;50(12):5896-900.)
  3. In conjunction with the IIT Mumbai, Research paper on a newly prepared novel nanomolecule carboplatin, revolutionized the peri-ocular carboplatin injections further, in RB treatment (Kalita D, Shome D et al. In Vivo intraocular distribution and safety of periocular nanoparticle Carboplatin for treatment of advanced retinoblastoma in humans. Am J Ophthalmol. 2014 May;157(5):1109-1115.
The above novel nanomolecule carboplatin molecule was further refined, by using PMMA as a carrier, in conjunction with the IIT Mumbai. This was another new molecule designed by the team & a huge accomplishment in the field of RB treatment. PMMA, being an inert carrier, This nanomolecule with PMMA carrier, would make the drug much safer in human beings, instead of using albumin as a carrier, as was the case in the above molecule. (Shome D et al. Carboplatin loaded polymethylmethacrylate nano-particles in an adjunctive role in retinoblastoma: an animal trial. Indian J Ophthalmol. 2014 May;62(5):585-9.) These works on inventing new drugs for cancer, using nano-technology, are ongoing and significant progress is still being made by Dr. Debraj Shome and the team. 4. In addition, Dr. Shome’s landmark papers have significantly altered practice patterns globally, in facial plastic surgery & facial aesthetics Shome D et al. Botulinum toxin: Is it really that fragile a molecule? Dermatol Surg. 2010 Dec;36 Suppl 4:2106-10. Kapoor R, Shome D et al. Facial rejuvenation post intradermal Botulinum toxin: Is it   really the Botulinum toxin or is it the pricks? Dermatol Surg. 2010 Dec;36 Suppl 4:2098-105. 5. Dr. Debraj Shome’s most significant work has been to form & lead multi-specialty teams, involving basic & clinical scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai, India & clinicians from the top hospitals, to formulate new revolutionary drugs for hair growth, cancer therapy & for facial plastic surgery. This task is a much more difficult task in India, since India does not really have large universities which can provide this sort of environment for multi-specialty research, so this task of formulating new drug molecules, stabilizing them, performing animal trials and ultimately using them in human clinical trials, leading to successful treatments of diseases, needs to be recognized and lauded. 6. Other impacts of the scientific contributions of Dr. Debraj Shome:
  • Significant advances in hair growth therapy
  • Significant changes in the treatment of Retinoblastoma and other neural cancers, globally.
  • Significant understanding in the treatment of hair loss and alopecia globally.
  • Choosing not to patent the Retinoblastoma (RB) drug molecules, was a significant act of philanthropy by Dr. Shome, allowing these drug inventions to be allowed cheap to poor patients in India, needing drugs for RB.




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