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There are many techniques that are used for hair restoration that suits different kind of people as people have different textures of hair. The technology that is used for the growth of hair is ever evolving and there are different treatments that need blood samples, although it requires no complex surgical procedures and you can grow your healthy hair naturally. One such technique is the PRP using the A Cell injections which is one of most exciting treatments for hair restoration. The technique of Platelet rich plasma therapy has been used since long in many different fields. Professionals and even celebrities depend on such therapies in order to recover from their surgeries. It is also used in many different fields like that of dentistry and plastic surgery. The best outcome of this surgery is that it helps in restoration of your natural hair. But do you know what this therapy is all about?

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma Therapy involves taking some blood that from the scalp of the patient,modifying the blood sample with the required protein and injecting it back to the scalp of the patient. Platelets are that part of the blood that can stimulate hair growth and immune reactions. This kind of treatment aids to fuel natural hair growth when it is injected by stimulating the stem cells in the scalp. This helps in waking up the sleeping hair cells. PRP using the A-cell injections is the new type of technique that helps in hair restoration.

What is A-Cell?

A-Cell is the protein that helps in promotion of the healing as well as regeneration of the stem cells. Even when the scalp is bald, these stem cells are still there. Addition of PRP with the A-Cell helps in restarting these cells that can help in promoting the hair growth.

Is PRP with A-Cell therapy safe?

There is no risk of any kind of disease transmission as the process makes use of your own blood. The soreness does not last very long. So this treatment is perfectly safe and such injections are proving very effective for the patients.

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