Step by Step FUE hair transplantation?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplantation is done in painless and efficient steps:


  1. Examination: The first step is examination of the donor area. The donor area is generally the patient’s scalp’s backside and in rare cases it can be beard or chest area. The hair transplant surgeon will examine the number of good quality hair in the donor area, scalp laxity, and scalp health.
  2. Discussion and Pictures: The surgeon will discuss the projected results with the patient and walk him through the entire procedure. Before beginning the pre operative procedures the surgeon will take some medical photographs.
  3. Shaving: If required the technician will shave the donor and the recipient area.
  4. Donor and recipient area markings: The hair transplant surgeon will mark the donor and recipient area. Donor and recipient areas are divided into quadrants of per square mm.
  5. Sterilization: The surgical area is carefully sterilized to avoid any infection in the later date.
  6. Anaesthesia: Controlled local anaesthesia is applied all over the scalp. This is to avoid any pain during the whole hair transplant procedure.
  7. Making slits: The surgeon will then make slits on the recipient area keeping the original area, pre decided density in mind.
  8. Extraction of follicular units from the donor area: The extraction is done very carefully using a microscopic punch instrument. In FUT the donor strip is taken and in FUE the individual grafts are excised.
  9. Preparation of follicular units: The follicular units are placed in specific solution to keep them safe and healthy.
  10. Implantation of follicular units: The follicular units are implanted in the pre prepared slits in the recipient area.
  11. Both the donor and recipient areas are cleaned and bandaged.
  12. The patient can go home the same day after the surgery.


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