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Dandruff can be one of the most embarrassing conditions one can experience. In addition to the visible flakes of dandruff that will cause acute embarrassment, it can also lead to aggravated hair loss. Relying on the over the counter medications without knowing the underlying cause can never solve the problem. The best way to go about treating the dandruff is to avail the best dandruff treatment in Mumbai and bid adieu to it. Here is how you need to go about doing it.

Hair specialists understand the two types of dandruff that plague populations

Dandruff is of two types and knowing which type of dandruff will help you to treat it better – dry and oil dandruff. Treatment for the dry type is relatively easier and gets faster results. However, if you happen to be stuck with oily dandruff, the best way out would be to go in for specialized oily dandruff treatment. Many options are available for treating the condition, which again depends on many factors, such as intensity and the lifestyle of the individual.

Popular ketoconazole shampoos

Individuals who have had a brush with dandruff will be aware of ketoconazole shampoos. Available over the counters, it is best to take these on the prescription of a hair specialist, who would be able to chalk out an effective program which includes the shampoo and not just the shampoo alone.

Exfoliate the dead cells

Oily dandruff results in dead cells on the scalp and it is necessary to exfoliate the dead cells. A regular bath or scrubbing will actually not dislodge or remove the dead cells. Using force to scratch or remove the dead cells can sometimes result in damage to the hair follicles or scalp. A shampoo with the right concentration of salicylic acid prescribed by dermatologists will help to exfoliate the dead cells.

Anti-bacterial treatment

Bacteria in the scalp aggravate the conditions caused by oily dandruff. It will become necessary to treat the scalp with broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents to prevent the condition from aggravating. Zinc pyrithione is considered by trichologists as an effective agent to combat bacteria.

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