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Hypertrichosis Treatment


Hypertrichosis is a condition which entails excessive hair growth in some or all parts of body. The condition can be inherited and manifests at birth if it is congenital in nature. However, changes in external environment, side effects of certain medicines and hormonal changes can also cause or enhance hypertrichosis. Although the condition can’t be cured completely, hypertrichosis treatment is possible through various cosmetic procedures. But before selecting a viable option for hypertrichosis treatment, it is important to understand the causes of the hypertrichosis and the extent of condition.

Short term Hypertrichosis treatment

If excessive hair growth in some or all areas of body is triggered due to temporary changes in environment, certain types of cancers or hormonal changes; then treatment of underlying conditions can alleviate the symptoms significantly.

  • Treatment of hyperthyroid condition to restore normal hair growth
  • Correction of anorexia and other metabolic disorders which can cause hypertrichosis
  • Cancer treatment
  • Correcting hormonal imbalance causing hypertrichosis
  • Cosmetic treatments such as shaving, plucking, epilation (using wax or an epilator to remove several hairs together) and depilation (using 2% to 6% aqueous alkali mixture to chemically dissolve and remove hair)

Long term Hypertrichosis treatment

In case the condition is congenital, then hypertrichosis can’t be treated by changing any underlying causal factors. But there are various long term cosmetic procedures which can be used as hypertrichosis treatment.

  • Electrolysis: Electrolytic epilation utilizes application of electrical surge on the hair follicle to destroy the hair and arrest hair growth. Galvanic electrolysis softens the surrounding tissue to destroy hair follicle, giving slower but long lasting results. Thermolysis applies direct electrical surge to the follicle, generating heat to destroy the hair. It is a faster process but is prone to hair regrowth.
  • Laser Hair removal: This non-invasive hair removal treatment is based on the principle of photothermolysis, directing controlled lasers on hair follicles to reduce hair growth. Multiple sessions are required to get effective and sustained hair reduction.

QR 678 has leading doctors who are experts at hypertrichosis treatment, at its helm. Seek the right hypertrichosis treatment without wasting more time, by getting in touch with an expert now. What is better is that given the wide arrays of treatments available, you can actually discuss the possibilities with the doctor. Hypertrichosis treatment for the acquired category is generally attempted by addressing what the prevalent cause is. The doctors aim at elimination possible cases first before trying to pinpoint on the actual case for hypertrichosis.

Any form of hypertrichosis, whether congenital or acquired, is reducible. A doctor recommends permanent or temporary removal procedures. However, there is a risk of sensitivity of scarring. Therefore, you need to discuss the same in detail with your doctor.

Temporary hair removal procedures might need few hours or even stretch up to many weeks, as per the method employed. Permanent hair removal is effective as a solution given that it lasts lifelong.

Currently researchers are testing forms of medicine for their employment as effective hair reducers. These will still take some time before being brought into everyday use though.

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