How To Make Your Hair Thicker With Latest Medical Techniques? - QR 678

Skinny body form is quite in, but when it comes to hair, it is not acceptable. We always crave for long and thick hair because thin hair lessens the volume and makes the hairline appear broader. Also, our hair needs constant care and when we get the hair we never wanted, we always blame it on hereditary issues, hormones, weather and even time. As reported by most of the hair experts around the world, adding volume to the hair can make hair appear thick and add shine and grace to our looks. So if you are tired of trying every new shampoo in the market and need immediate results, you might need medical techniques for sure:

  • You need to take a checkup first. Although it is rare but thinning hair can be caused by medical condition. If you have noticed strange loss of hair while you wash and find that the hair lining is widening day by day, you might be having any medical condition like that of and rogenetic alopecia. It is very common after menopause and most women experience such conditions. It is better to get a hair checkup so that you can come to a conclusion regarding the condition.
  • Effective medical treatment for hair thinning is available. Mostly hair thinning comes with problems like patches and dandruff issues that can be solved with the help of medications, surgery, laser therapy, wigs and even hairpieces. Some of them might be temporary but if you want to make wonders, you need proper and effective medications like supplements that are especially made for growing thicker hair and adding volume to it.
  • Surgery is one of the most common medical techniques that are carried out for hair loss. Hair transplantation and restoration surgery can get you your hair back. In this process, surgeon removes small plugs of skin containing few hairs and implants those plugs on the bald areas. Hair loss medication before and after the surgery is recommended.
  • Laser surgery is considered among the most trusted medical techniques available to get thick and lustrous hair in no time. Laser hair therapy is a non-surgical approach that treats thinning hair, hair loss, baldness and even issues that are related to scalp.

Other than that, if you are willing to take medications for your hair growth, you need to make sure that you consult a perfect specialist for the same. The best choices are Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor, who are excellent in all the departments of hair treatments and are considered amongst the best in the country.

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