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Are you concerned about those loose strands of hair that covers your pillow covers, comb and bathroom every time you wash your hair? By the time a woman crosses the age of 20, they start complaining about this issue. There are solutions! Here are some of the best remedies that are used for reducing hair thinning and writing off the issue completely:

  • Meals are one of the best ways that is used as a remedy for decreasing the issues related to hair thinning. The recommended meals include diet, which is rich in iron, protein, vitamins and zinc. You can get it from including lean meats, green vegetables, beans, fish etc. in your diet.
  • Hair massage is also among the most used remedy people usually prefer as it can help in proper blood circulation. You can even massage your head in the shower that will not only improve blood flow to the scalp but also helps in providing better environment for the hair growth and helps in better penetration of the shampoo to the scalp.
  • Avoiding too much hair styling can be one of the easiest fix-its that you can consider for treating hair thinning. Using hair dryers, ironing hair with curling or straightening or coloring the hair can lead to thinning or breaking hair which can reduce the volume. Make sure you do not damage the hair using these techniques regularly.
  • Using supplements. You should use only FDA approved ingredients as the drug consists of years of proper research and many men and women use such supplements to boost hair growth, enhancing the size of the follicles so that it can generate larger strands. Supplements like Viviscal can be used for the same as it contains combination of protein, vitamin C, biotin and zinc that boosts the body for thicker hair growth.
  • Laser treatments can lessen the inflammation that is caused in follicles but it also increases the density after a proper period of the treatment.

Time and again, hair loss can also be a symptom for any other issue that might be damaging the body. You need to see an expert for that. And if that’s not the case, you can go for proper hair treatment for taking care of just the hair issues. If you are still experiencing hair problems, you don’t need to worry. Consulting hair specialists like Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor, who are skilled and experienced in treating even the worst cases of hair thinning or damage will do you a lifetime of good. They are experienced, efficient and amongst the best in India.

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