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Loose anagen syndrome is a condition that affects some people but the truth is that it is purely of cosmetic significance. The good news is also that it usually goes away on its own as the affected child gains puberty and adolescence. An adult who wants to know about loose anagen syndrome treatment should be told that it will usually go away as one’s age increases. Here are things you should know about loose anagen syndrome treatment.

Understanding that this condition is not a very serious one is of importance. Groomed hair is something that affects the appearance so it is obviously something that one has to do. But taking care to be gentle with the grooming of hair, whether it is while shampooing or combing, will yield positive results.

No matter what the age of the affected patient is, it is a good idea to visit a dermatologist for loose anagen syndrome treatment. Very young patients have got positive results with a tapering dose of oral medication that lasts only for a month.

If you are wondering what this condition means, it is exactly what its name suggests: ‘’loose hair’’. Anyone who suffers from this condition has ‘’loose’’ hair, or hair that is loose and can be pulled out easily. Though the condition is not a very serious one and can be treated with oral medications, it can be frightening to the patient. This is a condition that usually affects young children, and it is the girls more than the boys who are more affected. Children whose hair doesn’t really seem to grow and those who seem that they never need to go for a haircut may be affected by this condition. The hair is also thin in most places.

Family history and genetics play the most important role in this condition.

Another point to note about loose anagen syndrome treatment is that some patients, especially those who are young of age, may pluck hair out and eat it. This is extremely dangerous and it is essential that a good dermatologist be visited without wasting any time because this could lead to a serious problem. This is because hair does not get digested in the stomach and may lead to further problems. The best way for loose anagen syndrome treatment is to visit a good dermatologist at the earliest who will be able to put you in the right direction for recovery.

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