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The condition of our skin and hair are the first markers of our inner health. Sadly, super fast lifestyles today, coupled with increase in pollution levels has made it extremely difficult for everyone to maintain the health of their hair and skin. Reduced blood circulation to the scalp, lack of nutrition and side effects of some treatments may also cause hair loss.

Many people experience various ailments pertaining to hair like extreme hair loss, hair thinning, dryness etc. the problem can be severe in many cases and simply the use of topical hair treatments may not help a person. Fortunately, there are many medical procedures which are available today to help arrest hair fall and promote hair growth.

One of the popular treatment options available today is known as Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy works by stimulation of the hair follicles which helps in regrowth of hair and prevents hair fall. This technique is non-invasive. In this procedure microinjections are given just superficially below the epidermis. The word “meso” refers to the middle layer of the skin which is approximately 1 mm thick. The procedure involves stimulation of mesoderm which helps in prevention of hair fall and promotes hair growth. The miracle solution which is injected in mesoderm can be a combination of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc. the solution is customized as per the needs of the patient. The treatment is very safe and is painless.  The treatment is localized around the hair follicles which need to be treated. This procedure stimulates the circulation of the blood, helps the hair follicle to survive and also neutralizes any dihydrotestosterone which causes the hair follicles to become loose and consequently the hair to fall.

The treatment is done in multiple sessions and a minimum of ten sessions are required. The frequency of sessions reduces eventually and the hair growth is visible within two to three months.

Dr. Rinky Kapoor and Dr. DebrajShome specialize in mesotherapy for hair growth.

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