The QR678® hair Restoration therapy for Male pattern Hair loss and Female pattern hair fall (Better & More Innovative than Stem Cell and PRP injection for hair growth). Hair thinning and hair loss is affecting job opportunities, connections, mental well-being and self assurance. It is an illness that needs treatment. A Lot has been written on the QR678® in the past. The Times of India (India’s most widely read news daily) first page tale on the QR678® growth factors hypodermic injection anti-hair loss (hair growth) treatment.  Everyone seems to have an opinion on it!  QR678® Hair Growth Factor injection – The Innovative, Novel, hair Growth Treatment to Prevent & Reverse hair Reduction, stop hair loss and Cause hair regrowth. This is a novel compound, developed publish the latest analysis in development of hair treatments, by Dr. Rinky Kapoor and Dr. Debraj Shome and is currently looking forward to a international Patent. Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a top/ best aesthetic skin specialist and hair expert on the globe, and currently practicing in Mumbai. The QR678® Needles is more advanced and gives better outcomes than stem cell and PRP treatment for hair loss and Hair growth. While hair surgery treatment (implant) & hair recovery surgery treatment merely relocates hair, the QR678® treatment actually develops hair and treats signs of male pattern baldness, hair loss in women, alopecia and androgenetic causes of hair loss. There is a lot of ongoing analysis globe over to create a wonder medication to cure this issue of hair loss, though treatments from medicines to surgery treatment are currently available. However, not many benefit, sometimes they just don’t perform, there are a huge number of discouraging outcomes, some sufferers are not suitable for available treatments, cost is huge for hair surgery treatment and hair recovery surgery treatment, outcomes are not durable, adverse reactions are a concern, etc. So, lets look at this from the viewpoint of a few concerned customers and how hair loss can truly impact assurance & lifestyles. Akshay, who came to me and said – ‘Doctor, I am 28. I have lost out on a couple of good potential marriage suits because my bald head makes me look 20 yrs older. I have taken all available traditional treatment but it hasn’t assisted. Will my scalp ever become full again? Can you save my dying hair follicles and give them life again?’ What I am trying to show is this is NOT merely a aesthetic issue alone, it results lifestyles too. I have heard some simple feedback on how this is only for the rich etc and is for a simple issue. Is this really trivial? Not if you ask Akshay and an incredible number of others!

What exactly is a Growth Factor?

A growth factors are a naturally sourced material capable of exciting cell development, growth and cell differentiation. Usually it is a necessary protein which is existing locally and causes development of that particular tissue. Growth factors are important for controlling a variety of cell procedures & act by executed to specific receptors on the surface of their target tissues.

Why is this known as QR678®?

A QR Rule is a code used in medicine based on “Quick Response“. 678signifies “there is no answer”. This compound has been known as QR678® to indicate a “Quick Reaction to an illness which earlier had no answer”!

How did all this happen?

Stage I:

The concept descends from a chance statement by my colleague  Dr. Debraj Shome, during his analysis tests on rats models for treatment of a severe form of eye cancer called Retinoblastoma. This analysis was being performed together with the IIT Mumbai (2006), to create a new nano-molecule medication delivery system for Retinoblastoma. This medication delivery system is injected straight around the affected eye, so that the adverse reactions due to intravenous delivery of the medication could be prevented. A few times after the injections were given around the eyes of each mouse, my colleague Dr. Shome noticed that the hair around the mouse’s eye started vanishing due to regional contact with the medication. This led him to take a position that there must be some regional aspects which are important for development of hair and which were being affected by Carboplatin, since there was no other way Carboplatin could affect the development of hair, since the medication is not absorbed into one’s individual body after the hypodermic injection around the eye.

This was interesting as for decades, we believed that the inner state of wellness was the most important element for development of hair. This new postulate that development of hair could be affected by regional growth factors, despite the internal health being perfect, was amazing, revolutionary and new.

However, knowing that regional growth factors may cause development of hair is one thing, but showing the same and finding which ONE of the hundreds of regional necessary protein growth factors actually triggered development of hair or the lack of which triggered hair loss, was a challenging task! These phases, performed in joint cooperation with a few top Indian institutions took four decades of pain-staking analysis, & extended animal studies as well as individual tests.

Stage II:

The next step was to recognize by a procedure of medical analysis the most likely ones of the growth factors necessary protein existing in the scalp skin which could cause development. By a procedure of scientific exclusion, we recognized a total of five odd growth factors which could potentially be a factor in growth of hair.

Stage III:

It was not enough to merely recognize the elements though. We then ready these five growth factor molecules synthetically, outside the human body, by genetic engineering in the lab. These elements were then produced in five different arrangements and ratios, and it was decided to inject the solution into the scalp with the objective to deliver the molecules straight to the hair follicles, without having to cross the skin barrier. This entire procedure took one and a half decades.

Stage IV:

A lead test was then performed with five volunteers in each of the five groups (n = 25), with early to average hair loss, being exposed to the injections. The outcomes were the best continually in one particular group of individual volunteers. This recently created compound thus seemed to be the most likely to cause growth of hair.

Stage V:

The results of the pilot trials needed to be verified. A randomized medical trial was set up evaluating this new molecule in different levels and at different treatment frequencies with a placebo hypodermic injection, in 750 sufferers. More than 80% development of hair was seen in about 6 months for more than 90% sufferers who tried this hypodermic injection treatment. Outcomes to some cases are even better than hair recovery surgery treatment. This medical test involved 100 sufferers and spanned more than a year. This test was double-blinded and finally unequivocally shown the effectiveness of this mixture of three growth factors in causing hair growth! Thus, was born the mixture which everyone was waiting for! This compound was known as ‘The QR678®’.

How does the QR678® work?

The skin hair follicles are controlled by communications between the epidermis and dermis (the 2 layers of the skin),and go through levels of development (anagen), involution (catagen), and rest (telogen).Factors from the hair roots which are present in the skin, act as inducting alerts for this cyclic development of the hair. There are stem tissues in an area of the hair follicles which pick up these alerts and form a down growth into the skin to form the hair shaft.

The network of capillary vessels around the base of the hair follicle provides the nutritional value – amino acids, vitamins, minerals – necessary for proper functioning. This fast cell growth requires a continuous supply of nutritions. The inducting signals for the hair follicle development are the growth factors discovered by our team in the revolutionary synthetically prepared mixture ‘QR 678®’.

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