Role of Scalp micropigmentation for advance hair loss? - QR 678

Scalp micropigmentation is a highly intricate procedure that acts as a boon to men and women suffering from advance hair loss. Also known as SMP, this micropigmentation procedure creates an illusion of fuller hair by replicating the natural shaved look. Scalp micropigmentation can help

  • People who are at the early stages of hair loss and want some treatment
  • People who have low hair count on the donor area and advanced surgical procedures such as hair transplantation are not possible
  • Treatment of male and female pattern hair loss
  • Create an illusion of hair on balding scalp because of cancer and cancer treatments
  • Postpartum hair loss
  • PCOS hair loss
  • Scars on scalp caused because of accidents, surgery and injury
  • Uneven hair transplants
  • Correcting improper hair transplants

Scalp micropigmentation can also create hair like lines to create natural looking depth and definition that blends with the natural scalp line.