Stem Cell Therapy Helps in Preventing Hair Disease - QR 678

The use of stem cell therapy in treating medical diseases has seen growth in the last few years, and studies are underway to apply this technology to hair diseases. Hair roots, like other parts of the body, also have stem cells. Researchers are trying to activate these hair stem cells to stimulate inactive hair roots nearby.

If done properly, such a procedure should cause the re-growth of healthier and thicker hair.

There is an even better alternative to stem cell therapy for hair, though, and it is called QR 678. This hair restoration therapy is designed for both male pattern hair loss as well as female pattern hair fall. If your thinning scalp is affecting your life in a negative way—causing you to miss out on job opportunities or driving down your self-esteem, for example—then you should look into QR 678. This alternative to stem cell therapy has so far been seen as more effective and also cheaper.

QR 678 has been featured in a lot of publications, including The Times of India. It has been described by the scientific community as an innovative and revolutionary hair growth treatment that can prevent as well as reverse hair thinning, stop hair loss, and ultimately stimulate hair regrowth. The ground-breaking QR 678 is a compound developed by Dr. Rinky Kapoor (one of the top aesthetic skin and hair specialists in the world) and Dr. Debraj Shome. In tests, the QR 678 needles have been shown to work better than stem cell or PRP when it comes to hair loss and growth. Unlike hair implants and surgery treatment that simply relocates hair, QR 678 actually grows new hair and effectively treats male pattern baldness, alopecia, hair loss in women, and androgenetic hair loss. QR 678 is currently available in India, and the compound is pending international patenting. If you are searching for an alternative to stem cell therapy, this treatment is certainly worth considering.

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