What can be done for parting related hair loss? - QR 678

Female pattern hair loss usually starts with a widening part. Female hair loss can happen because of many reasons such as genetics, hormones, PCOS, pregnancy etc. The sooner you recognize the signs of the hair loss and the sooner you seek treatment the more are the chances of regaining a head full of hair. The various treatment options available for treating parting related hair loss are:

  • QR678 growth factor hair regrowth treatment: QR678 is a mix of essential growth factors that increase the nutrition flow to the hair follicles thus increase natural and healthier hair growth.
  • Minoxidil topical treatment: Minoxidil ointments and creams help increase the blood flow in the scalp, which helps in stopping hair fall.
  • Oral contraceptives: help regulate the hormonal disturbances
  • Hair transplant surgeries: hair transplant surgeries such as FUT and FUE help cover the bald spots successfully.
  • Light treatments: Phototherapy and low lever light therapy promotes cell regeneration and thus increases the hair growth.