What is the Relation between Irregular periods and hair loss? - QR 678

Irregular periods can be because of many reasons ranging from stress and sudden change of lifestyle to serious issues such as PCOS and Thyroid problems. If you are experiencing hair thinning and your period are irregular then there are high chances that the two are connected. The scalp behaves just like the skin and because the hormonal changes causes irregular periods, increase oil production, increased androgen and progesterone production leads change in the life cycle of hair.

If you have hair fall and irregular periods then get a complete holistic check-up done by the gynaecologist to rule out PCOS and a medical specialist to check for thyroid and other hormonal issues. Once the cause of hair fall and irregular periods is detected it can be treated with the help of hair regrowth treatments such as topical ointments, medications, and QR678 hair regrowth treatment. Early intervention can prevent long-term effects such as balding and permanent scaring of hair follicles.