Why and how you need to protect your hair while wearing helmet? - QR 678

You need to protect your hair while wearing helmet because failing to do so can cause permanent damage to the texture and life of the hair. The base of the helmet gets dirty over time and you need to follow some basic guidelines to take protect your hair:

  • Wear a bike mask or a cotton cloth on your head before putting on a helmet. This will help prevent friction between the hair and helmet base and also protect the hair from dirt in the helmet.
  • Wash and condition your hair regularly. Keeping your hair clean and hydrated will keep the dandruff at bay and prevent hair fall.
  • Never wear helmet on wet hair. The humid environment will act as a magnet for harmful bacteria.
  • Massage your scalp with warm oil once a week.
  • Buy only good quality well-fitting helmets. Loose or tight helmets will only endanger your safety and damage the hair.
  • Clean your helmet at least once every week.