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Let not your hair loss affect your work or social life. Treatments for hair loss have advanced greatly with a lot of research and cutting edge technology going into the development of effective treatments. Getting treated by the best trichologist in Mumbai can surely put an end to your woes and restore your crowning glory and confidence.  The many options that are available may sometimes cause a great deal of confusion. However, it is safe to choose the best hair doctor in Mumbai through a process of looking at results.

Stem cell therapy to your rescue

Stem cell therapy involves the injection of stem cells into the scalp of the patient. This has proven results, quite similar to the astounding success of stem cell therapy in other diseases. Performed under specialised care of experts, it is best to choose a centre based on the expertise of the consulting trichologist and the infrastructure of the centre to carry out the procedure.

Expanding the scalp and reducing the area for full head of hair

Another innovative method employed by the best hair specialist doctor in Mumbai involves expansion of the scalp and insertion of objects which will remain under the scalp for a certain period of time. This results in the expansion of scalp skin. The procedure also involves the growth of hair on the scalp. After the specific period, the patches that bear hair are bright together by excision or removal of scalp skin that is bald. This results in a head of full hair.

PRP treatment for enhanced growth

The best hair doctor in Mumbai will offer enhanced growth through PRP treatment. This involves extraction of your blood and enrichment of the same in a centrifuge. Best performed by hair specialist in Mumbai this treatment will deliver the enriched platelets to your hair follicles. Over a period, multiple injections will enhance the re-growth of your hair. It is considered as one of the best hair treatment in Mumbai because of its effectiveness. It is also used as a preferred technique for extreme cases, along with hair transplantation.

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