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hair-careHair care has become a rising priority for most of us as hair problems are increasingly becoming the cause of sleepless nights for many of us. Due to elevated pollution in surrounding environments, use of various chemical filled hair grooming products and a lifestyle full of stress; hair related problems have become quite common place. Therefore, knowing how to care for your hair can be the first step towards ensuring minimal hair problems. Here are some hair care tips which are easy to adopt at home –

Hair Care Dos

  • Hair Hygiene: Use paraben free shampoos and conditioners to wash your hair regularly. Problems like ringworm infections, lice infection and even dandruff can result from poor hair hygiene. Therefore, it is important to wash and maintain your hair hygiene at a continual basis. Here are some hair hygiene tips –
    • Use the shampoo to clean the roots and use the conditioner to nourish the length of your hair only.
    • Tap dry damp hair and don’t scrub them with a towel. Excessive rubbing of the hair can leave them brittle and frizzy.
    • Gently comb through your wet hair to avoid build-up of knots. Don’t try to break knots in wet hair as this may result in excessive hair loss.
    • Oil your hair frequently to improve blood circulation in your scalp and enhance hair shine too.
    • Use natural ingredients like amla, egg yolk, onion juice, yogurt, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and other vitamin K and E rich sources to pamper your hair on a regular basis.
  • Hair Nutrition: Hairs are essentially made up of Keratin protein and get easily affected if a diet lacking in nutrition is consumed on an ongoing basis. Following nutrition tips can help you avoid hair fall and hair thinning problems which are induced by poor diet –
    • Drink lots of water (atleast 5 litres) every day to keep your hair hydrated.
    • Make sure that your diet is iron rich and you eat fresh vegetables as well as fruits
    • Consume a protein rich diet to improve quality of hair from within and give proper nutrition to your hair follicles
    • If your diet is naturally deficient in vitamins, then take complementary multi-vitamins for proper hair care. Eggs, bananas, dark green veggies, oats and resins are also good natural sources of vitamin A and C.
  • Hair Grooming: Prefer to towel dry and then air-dry your hair whenever you wash your hair. While making elaborate hair styles, use hair pins and hair ties carefully. Hair breakage and hair pulling due to hair accessories is yet another cause of hair thinning.

Hair Care Don’ts

  • Avoid direct sun exposure: Just like the harmful UV radiations can cause temporary to permanent damage to your skin, they can also bleach your hair and strip them of natural moisture. So if you are planning to stay out in sun for long durations, wrap a scarf over your hair or wean a hat for protection from sun.
  • Avoid frequent use of heat based grooming tools: Hair dryers do just that, they dry you hair! And curling irons, straightening irons or tongs are not to be used daily but sparingly. If you are already experiencing brittle hair or hair thinning related problems, excessive usage of heat based grooming tools can further weaken your hair and cause hair damage.
  • Minimize chemical based hair grooming products: Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate and other chemicals present in hair gels, hair sprays, mousse, etc. can be harmful for your hair. Ammonia in hair colors, hair straightening or perm solutions can also deteriorate your hair quality significantly. Avoid using these products as much as possible and if you must, then go for the alternatives with minimal chemical content.

And most importantly, never ignore symptoms of excessive hair fall, pattern baldness or scalp itching. These could be indicators for some grave underlying medical conditions which need to be diagnosed and treated immediately. Care for your hair and your health to keep your luscious locks in good condition.