Healthy Hair Practices - QR 678

Following are some of the healthy hair practices that can go a long way in keeping your hair and scalp healthy.

1.   Having a hair wash every day with a mild and soothing hair shampoo.

The way it is essential to clean our face every day and clean our teeth every day the same way it is also essential to clean our hair every day. As it helps in removing the dust, dirt and other contaminants from our head creating it less susceptible to hair fall. So cleaning hair ever day causes more thinning hair is one of the biggest misconceptions. It is rather other way round i.e. not cleaning hair every day will cause more hair loss. This belief has become prevalent due to the fact that people tend to notice more hair falling while having hair wash, but what they don’t know is that these hair were anyhow going to drop off, with hair wash or without hair wash.

2.   Following a “Treat your hair well” practices:

Though one of the most apparent things, it needs to be given attention because many of us unintentionally don’t follow them and adopt many unhealthy methods.

Treating your hair with chemicals and so-called herbal remedies, which are meant to significantly change the way our hair looks (Perming, straightening, hot pressing etc.), are a big NO.

Blow drying hair- What is does is that is gets dry out the moisture from the head and makes the hair dry, this results in damaging of the hair follicles. Therefore it is advisable to always air dry your hair or if it is absolutely necessary to use the hair dryer then use it on lowest heat setting.

Using hairstyles that put a lot of stress or pull on the hair follicles like while creating braids by tying hair firmly in a pony tails. Many a times what females do is that they tie their hair so firmly that there is enormous tug in the hair hair follicles making them to be pulled out from the roots. If this practice is continued for many years it may cause to permanent thinning hair from the sites at which these hair experience the taking the most.

Combing or toweling it harshly when hair are wet is a very common error by most. What this does is that it pulls the hair strands and damages them.

3.   Following a proper and balanced lifestyle:

Healthy hair is the outward mirroring of wellness. So it is an excellent signal of one’s general health condition. If hair are shining and beautiful it indicates that the person is in great wellness and vice versa. Therefore to have healthier looking hair one has to do everything that is necessary to have a healthier body as a whole, which includes eating all types of vegetables and fruit regularly thereby adding to a variety of vitamins, and minerals like iron, calcium and zinc, one should also have a protein rich diet as hair are basically created of proteins. It is also essential to moisturize our bodies with adequate amount of water.

4.   Oil is for food, not head.

Oiling the head results in seborrhoeic dermatitis and dry skin in the head.  This results in thinning hair. So no matter what ever your grandma says oiling your hair isn’t healthier for hair. If still one demands on oiling one’s hair it should be done just 45 minutes prior to hair wash, never should we oil our hair and let it stay over night.