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As it is appropriately said by Martin Luther, “The hair is the richest ornament of women.”  Shimmering lustrous long hair is a sign of a healthy person. It shows off to the world about our wellbeing and vitality. Damaged unhealthy looking hair is one of the first few symptoms of Mental and/or Bodily unwell being. As our whole body require proper nutrition for its development and maintenance, so does our Hair. So let us have an overview regarding what are the various nutritional value required and their role in keeping our Hair healthy and balanced.


Rightly called the Basic building block of our whole body, Proteins constitute upto 98% of our hair. This makes proteins one of the most important and vital nutrition for healthier hair. It promotes healthier hair development cycles. There are many resources of proteins. Of the resources of proteins however, the low fat resources like fish, poultry and pulses such as soy, ragi etc are preferred. This is because high fat diet is associated with thinning hair. Also taking proteins in an umbalanced way and in excess is unhealthy for hair as it offsets the acid base balance of one’s whole body resulting ultimately in thinning hair. It causes lack of nutrients like calcium further worsening the thinning of hair. Individuals who are dieting or are on a vegan eating plan should keep a tab on their proteins intake and replenish themselves appropriately.


Vitamins are a number of most important micronutrients. They have to be replenished in our whole body by nutritional means only. One should make sure that he is not deficient on vitamins, as it is very common in the existing lifestyle of constant stress and demands, whereby one cannot concentrate on good and healthy eating habits. Deficiency of vitamin if existing will cause general lowering of health and hair loss. Lets look at some of the most important vitamins that promote growth of hair.

Vitamin A:

It is an important vitamin for healthier hair. Hair Loss is one of the symptoms to qualify vitamin A insufficiency. Good sources of vitamin A are Yellow and orange coloured vegetables and fruits and dark and green leafy veggies like broccoli and Kale. Other resources consist of liver, egg yolk, dairy and butter. Oral vitamin A supplemants are also a source for replenishing vitamin A but one should be cautious while taking them as it may cause an unwanted supplus of vitamin A resulting in vitamin A hypervitaminosis.

Vitamin B:

Vitamin B are bunch of a number of vitamins that are very important for healthier hair. Vitamin B deficiency is a reasons for Baldness. Of the various vitamins, Biotin is one of the very important ones. Its deficiency results in eczematous changes and hair reduction. Yeast is one of the wealthiest resources of Biotin. Natural vitamins B3 and B5 are important for development of hair. B6 is also very important as it helps in processing of the various nutritional value required for excellent and healthier development of hair.


These are the nutrients comprising of vitamins C, E and beta carotene. They can be supplemented via a pill or eating plan.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is another important vitamin for healthier hair. It has few veggie resources like for example including spinach, mustard natural, parsley etc; whole grains, nut products like sunflower plant seeds and almonds. Olive oil, avocados etc.

Vitamin C:

The main resources of vitamin C comprises of all types of citrus fruits and few vegeables like tomato. Tomato also has Lycopene which also enhances the skin and protects it form UV rays.

Essential Fatty Acids:

One of the most important essnetial fatty acid as far as healthier development of hair is omega-3 fatty acids. They are mainly existing in sea foods like fish, tuna and halibut. Vegetarian resources for omega3 fatyy acids are nut products like Flax Seeds, and walnut.


There are certain minerals that are important to us in the form of Micro as well as Macro Nutrients. Example being Zinc, Silica, Selenium, Sulphur, Manganese. These are very important for improving the hair robustness.  These nutrients are found in food resources like egg, chicken, egg, meat, cheese, dairy, pumpkin plant seeds etc.


Iron is a very important nutrient for augmenting the hair health. Its deficiency results in thinning hair. Absence of iron results in reduced Haemoglobin levels thereby resulting in sluggish blood flow and reduced oxygen supply to the scalp. This in turn results in diminished nourishment that are supplied to the hair roots, resulting in hair loss.


Iodine is a micro nutrient mineral and is responsible for imparting durability to the hair. It is seen that people suffering from Hypothyroidism, which is caused due to ‘sub-normal’ amounts of iodine in our whole body, have a very great occurrence of thinning hair. The resources for iodine are Sea food like salmon, Potatoes, molasses, Lima beans, eggs, watercress, garlic and seaweed. Also now a days common salt is fortified with iodine to deal with iodine deficiency in our diet.

The existing scenario where the lifestyle has become stressful with our busy schedules and work demands, the occurrence of thinning hair is on a high. Majority of these can be treated simply by incorporating a proper and balanced nutritional regimen whereby we include all the nutrients in our regular meals in a balanced manner.