Know-How Effective Is Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

The woes of hair fall lead to loss of self-esteem and other psychological issues; a number of people have to deal with this torment of seeing more hair on the floor than the scalp at some point in their life

Dr. Debraj Shome, Director, The Esthetic Clinics & Inventor of QR 678 ®

The woes of hair fall lead to loss of self-esteem and other psychological issues; a number of people have to deal with this torment of seeing more hair on the floor than the scalp at some point in their life. Either way, hair is an extension of ones’ personality – how much hair you have on your scalp and how you style them adds to a lasting impression. The worldwide internet searches for hair transplant has increased manifold in recent years and the non-surgical hair transplant treatment has seen a high rise in popularity.

While nonsurgical hair regrowth treatments like over-the-counter topical minoxidil, prescription oral finasteride, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and light & laser therapy treatments help reduce hair fall when used in combination, they do leave adverse side effects such as the itchy scalp, sexual dysfunction, infection on the scalp etc.

The QR 678 ® formulation in itself is an FDA approved, India & US patented, and standardized hair restoration method that takes the best approach to ensure maximum and 100% natural-looking results in men, women, and children. 21000+ patients have successfully received the QR 678® hair regrowth treatment in India and is a leap ahead of the age-old hair transplant methods as it is well researched, tested and developed after extensive studies in balding patterns, hair fall causes, genetics, age, overall health, and lifestyle habits that affect the scalp directly or indirectly.  However, the treatment has also aids in transforming the traditional hair transplant procedures making them 50% more effective.

The formulation as a standalone has demonstrated encouraging results in post-chemotherapy-induced hair loss, treatment of hair conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, in immunogenic diseases like alopecia areata, hair loss because of hormonal imbalances and even stress-related hair loss.

Hair follicles are the storehouse of the essential ingredients needed for a healthy and sustained hair growth; the hair growth cycle is dependent on the health of the growth factors present in the scalp. As we age or because of other natural reasons, the growth factors that are otherwise naturally present in our hair get reduced and result in depleted natural hair growth. This hair restoration solution aids in follicle development by inducting the signals for hair follicle development, resulting in natural looking hair growth.

The QR 678 ® hair restoration treatment also works with traditional hair transplantation, in three stages:

Pre-transplant stage-The expert team examines the hair and based on the need, formulates a treatment plan. The QR 678 ® is first administered on the scalp session wise; the advantage here is that the solution will revive the hair follicles even if they appear dead. The solution changes the telogen and catagen phase of the hair to anagen and hair growth phase, causing the new hair to become thicker and revitalized. The formulation is plant based, most advanced and If used often enough and well enough, one can avoid a hair transplant in the first place.

Hair-transplantation stage- The hair transplantation using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique; Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which healthy hair are taken from the back of the scalp and transplanted to the area where the old hair are begun to fall out or bald patches have started appearing. After extraction, the hair follicles are kept in cold QR 678 ® solution for 30 minutes or so that they imbibe the growth factors leading to an increase in the uptake of the hair follicles grafts by almost 30%.

Post transplantation stage- This is the maintenance stage, 6 weeks post the transplant stage. The solution is again administered to help the transplanted graph work better. The treatment aids the hair transplant procedure by fortifying the transplanted hair with extra nutrients, which makes the results simpler, faster, and more long lasting than any other surgical hair restoration technique. The therapy being non-invasive, increases the uptake of the traditional hair transplant procedure by more than 50 %, as it is locally administered over the scalp skin by mesotherapy.

The overall advantages of using this technique range from – high survival rate of hair follicles & less donor hair requirement; an enhanced youthful appearance with less grey hair; not having to worry about complications pain or side effects; plant based solution and a non-invasive procedure; reduced recovery time and ensuring correct angle, direction, depth of implanted hair which looks absolutely natural.

In summary, QR 678 hair transplantion® shows better results than traditional FUE and FUT hair transplant and shows more donor hair uptake results in more than 90% of cases. This is fast becoming the most popular treatment options for hair fall by both celebrities and hair transplants experts. The cost is about the same as a traditional hair transplant and it is suitable for all age groups and genders. The entire process of the treatment is customized as per the patient’s requirement and is available exclusively at ‘’The Esthetic Clinics’’ India.

Article Source – https://www.healthwire.co/know-how-effective-is-non-surgical-hair-transplant/

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