How to choose a right shampoo for my hair?

Lovely hair never go out of fashion and finding a good shampoo is the key to boosting the hair health. There are four basic steps to choosing the right shampoo for your hair

  • Identify the hair type: Hairs have different textures such as thin, thick, curly, and wavy. Hair can also be thick, medium, and fine. You can identify your hair type by observation or asking your hairstylist to guide you about your hair.
  • Know your scalp: Using the correct type of shampoo will benefit you scalp. Scalp can be oily, dry, or normal and you can know your scalp type by observing the frequency by which the hair start appear oily and dull.
  • Finding the right shampoo: Once you know your hair type and scalp condition it is time to look for shampoo ingredients

If you have oily scalp then your shampoo label should contain words like volumizing, strengthening, or oil balance. You can also opt for clarifying shampoos.

If your scalp is dry then look for labels such as moisturizing, smoothening and hydrating on the shampoo bottle.

For fine and flat hair volumizing shampoo can do wonders by removing excess residue.

Frizzy and thick hair benefit from moisturizing or smoothening shampoos.


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