How to choose your hair transplant surgeon?

Hair loss is recognised as the most detrimental factor in emotional health of men and women worldwide. It is quite natural to seek treatment for hair fall and the first thing that comes in mind is hair transplantation. Hair transplant is a very precise procedure and the first step to getting good results is enlisting the services of best hair transplantation surgeon. Here is a simple checklist to choose a good hair transplant surgeon who can meet your expectations:

Surgeon credentials: You definitely do not want a doctor who has no surgical training in performing hair transplants. Make sure that you find out who the surgeon is and make sure that you meet him and get your condition evaluated by him or her.

Experience: Not every surgeon, dermatologist, or plastic surgeon is experienced in hair transplant surgeries. With recent developments in modern techniques such as FUE and robotic FUE, you do not want a surgeon who is using outdated methods.  Select a hair transplant doctor who has at least 10 years of experience in performing successful hair transplant surgeries using latest advancements.

Expertise: Hair transplant is an aesthetic procedure, the grafts have to be implanted according to the patients existing hair growth, and other factors such as patient’s profile, age, and gender play an important role in hairline reconstruction. The hair transplant surgeon’s aesthetic expertise matters the most when selecting the hair transplant surgeon.

Strong team:  Teamwork is always better than a single surgeon performing a hair transplant surgery is. Check the clinical team for experience and qualifications. A well-prepared team headed by an experienced surgeon and consisting of surgeons and technicians will give you comprehensive treatment options.  Talk and interact with the surgical team at the clinic.

Clinical Setup: A clinic that is not equipped with the latest technologies will be no help for an experienced surgeon. Feel free to ask the team to tell you or walk you through the facilities they have.


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