Pak girl leaves after successful surgery.

After waiting for medical visa for two years, four year old Pari Kumari from Pakistan finally underwent ablepharoph imosis surgery in Mumbai last month and went back home recently Kumari had to undergo blepharophimosis surgery in a single operation due lack of stay extension in Mumbai on her medical visa.

Blepharophimosis is a congenital condition where the patient has bilateral ptosis, drooping or falling of the upper eyelid, along with eyes being horizontally shorter as well, blepharophimosis is an uncommon syndrome which primarily affects the soft tissues of the mid face, leading to the development of blepharophimosis. While there are two type of the syndrome – systematic ovarian failure and no systematic association of ovarian failure.  Kumari was suffering from type of two.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Debraj Shome, who conducted the blepharophimosis surgery in a single sitting at Apollo Spectra Hospital in Chembur, said “They wanted to come to Mumbai since their country does not have medical facilities for this treatment. The family got in touch with me in October 2015 but they were struggling to get a medical visa for her. Finally they got four weeks medical visa in such a surgery there needs to be a gap of two to three months between surgeries.  But since there was no guarantee that she will be granted a visa again. We had to take the risk and do the surgery in one sittings.

Kumari from Sindh in Pakistan was suffering the genetic condition of blepharophimosis syndrome.  Her father and elder sister too are suffering from same condition. Speaking about the surgery, Dr. Shome added, “The condition itself is a unique one and it is a risky challenge to perform two steps together.”

Pari Kumari’s father said, “Doctors in our country are not well equipped to deal with these complex problems.  We waited to get an Indian visa for months. But it has been worth it. My daughter looks completely transformed. We wish to thank the Indian government and the people of India for transforming our daughter’s life.”


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